5 Tips For Building Your Brand Using Information Products

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5 Tips For Building Your Brand Using Information Products

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Advantages came ready made with internet marketing. These original advantages have continued to increase as the state of the internet has improved. Everybody has had a never satisfied wish for more, better, and faster access to products and service across the entire area of internet marketing.

There is no indication that this will ever change, and so the number of online customers, as well as the number of advantages, for online sales will continue to grow.

As an entrepreneur or small business owner, we are always looking for ways to stand out in the marketplace. One of the best ways to do this is to create information products in order to build your brand.

Branding Made Easy

With brand building, you can brand either your personal name or your company name. This will depend on your overall marketing strategy, and what you are trying to accomplish. The important thing is that you present a consistent impression of quality and professionalism across everything that you do. This includes your website and anything you may sell at it, including information products.

Information Products

Information products are one of the most popular items selling online and offline. Online education is booming, through e-course websites, Amazon and independent product sellers. If you can offer solutions that help to solve the pain points that people in your niche or industry have, then information products could be used as either a product to sell or an excellent marketing tool to drive customers to your business.

What Kind of Information Products Should You Sell?

There are a number of information products that sell well online.


The easiest type of information product to create and sell is an eBook.

You can create one in Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, PDF software or PowerPoint. You can either format it yourself or find someone at a site like Fiverr to do it for you. There are numerous ways to sell your book, including Amazon’s Kindle program, ClickBank or directly from your own website. When you are brainstorming topics for your eBook, start with the title. It should offer a value proposition such as “How to     .”

Next, you will need an attractive cover because people really do you judge a book by it. You can connect with excellent artists at Fiverr.com and get a professional-looking cover at an affordable price. Finally, you’ll need is marketing material for your book. Write your back of the book copy, or marketing blurb, in a way that speaks to your target audience. Use keywords and phrases and mention some of the key things they will learn if they buy the book.

Paperback Books

Once you have set up a digital copy online, Amazon allows you to create a paperback version through their CreateSpace.com print on demand publishing unit. You would use the same Word document, with page numbers added, and what is termed a cover flat. You will need to do some additional formatting, but again, you can easily find someone on Fiverr to do this.


Sites like udemy.com and skillshare.com are just among literally dozens of sites where you can teach your skills to others. You can not only make good money but this is a fantastic way to become known as an authority in your field, too.

Multimedia Courses

Although it does take more time to put together adding other media options to you content, such as video or PowerPoint presentations, broadens the appeal of your book, and commands a much higher price tag than a simple eBook. See Online Course Creation.

Templates and Other Information Packs   

Anything that can help your market do things faster – easier – better is always a hit! Templates, cheat sheets, spreadsheets with formulas make great hand-outs at events too, as you can often put them on a single page or put them on your website, and hand out the link to the download on the back of your business cards!


When creating any information product, be sure to put your logo and URL on it. Try to make everything look consistent in terms of color, fonts and style. In this way, you will soon create an entire product line that represents your brand. If you are not already offering information products in conjunction with your business, begin brainstorming what your audience really needs and start planning your first ebook or pamphlet today. 

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