Build A Better Email List

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Build A Better Email List

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Yes, the money is in the list, as everyone says when they are trying to get you to buy their latest course or fancy piece of software, but having a big list doesn’t necessarily mean that you will make a lot of money.

No matter how many people subscribe to your list, you won’t see real results until they are actively engaging with you and responding to the offers you send. So the real value isn’t in having a huge list, it’s having one that is highly responsive and engaged.

In fact you can make more money from a small list of happy subscribers than you can from a massive one full of people who never open your emails, click on your offers or remember who you are.

It’s not always easy to build a profitable list, but you will see much better results if you focus on the quality of your list rather than the quantity.

One of the best ways to do that is to work on building trust with your subscribers right away. This is because people will only buy from you if they feel they can trust you and they won’t listen to anything you say if they don’t.

Have you ever wondered why so many emails get deleted as spam?

That’s because people don’t trust the emails, and more importantly, they don’t trust the sender.

It’s very important to build a relationship with your subscribers. You have to form a connection with them, and more importantly, they have to see you as an expert in your field. Doing this isn’t as difficult as you may think. You simply have to send them emails with information that they will find valuable and appreciate.

You also want to make sure you’re giving them exactly what you promised when they subscribed to your list.

Did you offer a free report, a coupon or a link to more information?

Then provide that to them immediately after they hit subscribe.

This can be done hands free by using an autoresponder system like Mailchimp, Aweber or Getresponse to send out a welcome message with the promised information. That first contact you send should also include a few details about what your business has to offer them and why it’s important for them to open your emails.

Here is a quick example:

Welcome, I’m so excited that you decided to join. I have included instructions for accessing (what you promised) below, but first I just wanted to introduce myself and let you know what you can expect from the emails I send.

Then include a short bio along with directions for accessing what they signed up for. It never hurts to include a little extra something to make them feel special and then close with a reminder to look for your next email soon.

As you close let them know there will be something exciting in there for them, so that they will be more inclined to keep an eye out and open it when it hits their inbox.

Of course this is only the beginning and there is a little more to it than that, but it’s a great place to start. As you add subscribers to your list keep your focus on providing value and pay close attention to the voice of your audience.

Remember these are real people and they look to you as a reliable source of information, if you can be that for them they will gladly open, click and spend.

Trust is something that needs to be cultivated in any relationship, especially when it comes to email marketing. Let me ask you some serious questions?

How many emails do you delete from your inbox every day, without opening them?

My guess is a lot more than you actually open, am I right? Now think about the ones that you do open and read. Why do you open them?

Is it because of the catchy subject line? Or is it because you know the sender and you trust that they will have something to say that may benefit you?

Now, don’t get me wrong a great subject line is very important, but I’ll bet that most of the emails you open and read are from people and companies that you know, like and trust. As we touched on in the last lesson, trust has to be earned from the beginning. Once you’ve earned it, it needs to be nurtured, so you don’t lose it. You’ve got them on your list and delivered what you promised, so what’s next?

How do you really get them to trust you?

You help them!

Yes, it really can be that easy. Think about that for a minute. The people who join your list don’t do it to help you raise your stats or buy your products. They join because they are looking for something that will help them solve a problem or fulfill a need.

When you can offer solutions it’s like a winning lottery ticket for them and they will happily follow where you lead. Which ultimately should be to an order page, but we’ll talk more about that in your next lesson.

For now, let’s keep the focus on trust.

I know you may be thinking to yourself, “how do I find out what they need?” This really all comes down to listening to your target audience and clearly understanding what they struggle with the most.

Do you really know your target audience?

If you answered no or maybe to that question, the first thing you should do is take some time and get to know them, because if you’re not sure who you’re trying to reach then you’ll never be able to influence them.

The good news is there are many ways you can do this even if you don’t have a list of subscribers yet.

Social media is a fantastic place to start identifying the problems that plague your audience, because it’s where they will complain about their woes, ask questions and seek solutions.

Find out where they spend their time.

Is it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or someplace else?

Wherever they are, that’s where you should be. Participate in the conversations and ask questions. When you do this, you will be able to tap into what’s really holding them back. Then you can offer them real solutions that they will gladly pay you for.

If you already have a list don’t be shy, ask them. Post a survey or ask them to respond to your email with their most pressing problems related to your niche. Depending on your market you can even reach out to them by phone or messenger.

When it comes to building trust with your readers never be salesy or spammy, just ask them where they are struggling, let them know that you understand where they’re coming from and offer to assist them.

When you show them that you are genuinely interested in helping them get where they want to go, getting them to trust you won’t be a problem, because they will naturally gravitate to you and what you have to offer.

The ultimate goal of any email marketing campaign is to convert subscribers into buyers. If anyone tells you differently then they must not be in business to make money.

I’m assuming that you are, so we are going to dive right in to the topic of leading your readers from one offer to the next.

You may not realize this, but the first contact you make with your subscriber is an offer. You offered them something in exchange for their email address, right? Maybe an ebook or short report. Just because its free doesn’t mean it’s not an offer.

That is your initial transaction. It shows that they are interested in what you have to offer, so its your job to keep the ball rolling and offer more. Now, many people will tell you that you should wait to ask for the sale until after they have been on your list for a while, but I recommend striking while the iron is hot.

They’ve already proven that they are interested by clicking subscribe so why not seal the deal by enticing them to make a purchase?

It doesn’t have to be a big purchase just something to get them invested in paying attention to what you have to say.

It’s a proven fact that people will pay far more attention to something that they purchase, than something that they get for free.

Think about that for a minute!

Yes, everyone loves to get free stuff, unfortunately chances are that free ebook you gave them will sit on their hard drive untouched, but if they actually spend money on it they will be far more likely to open it up an read it.

So why not make them an offer that’s hard to refuse immediately after they join your list?

For this to work it has to be something relevant to the problem that they are struggling with.

For example, is your reader having a hard time planning their wedding? Then offer them a printable checklist that will make the job easier. Keep the price point low and the value high, so it’s a real no brainer for them to say yes.

Make it easy for them to purchase, download and use. You want this transaction to be quick, painless and extremely gratifying for them. This type of offer is often referred to as a tripwire. This achieves two things, it solidifies trust and immediately qualifies them as someone who is willing to spend money with you.


The people who purchase from you automatically jump up the ladder of trust and will be much more susceptible to your offers. They have proven this by giving you their money, so make sure you deliver and don’t disappoint.

They can also be filtered into a different segment of your list than those who don’t make a purchase right away.

List segmentation is an important topic that we won’t dive into in this course, but it is something that you should definitely learn as your list grows, so that you can target your sales messages more effectively.

Lastly, don’t discount the subscribers who don’t purchase your initial offer. They may just need a little more reassurance and nurturing, before they click the buy button.

Just continue to send out content that provides value to your readers and eventually they will convert into happy customers that will gladly snap up what you have to offer.

And even if they don’t they will still be excellent advocates for your business.

Just because they are on your list and made that initial purchase doesn’t mean you should stop there. As I mentioned in the last lesson the people that purchased your initial offer have proven they are willing to spend money with you, so it’s your job to keep the momentum going.

Sales 101, you should always have something else for them to buy. Always keep in mind that the value is in the transaction, for both you and the customer. You are providing them with something they want or need and in exchange they are increasing revenue for your business.

So it only makes sense that you should have a suite of products ready to recommend to them. Generally a sales funnel will consist of several layers that include the free offer, a low cost offer (tripwire), median offer and a high ticket item.

As we discussed, the free offer is what you use to get them to join your email list. This can be anything that is relevant to the struggles they’re facing. It can be a report, ebook, video tutorial or even a short course like this one.

The low cost offer is something that they will place a high value on, (like the printable checklist I mentioned in the last lesson) that you offer them at an extreme discount. This is what qualifies them as a buyer and helps create trust.

The next offer should be a moderately priced offer that enhances the previous offers in some way. Continuing with the wedding example.

Your free item could be an ebook with planning tips, which leads to the low cost checklist, which leads to a complete wedding planner that they can download and print or have shipped to them.

From there you can lead them to higher priced items until they reach the top of your funnel. This should be your highest priced item.

Here is a quick example of how this wedding funnel could continue:

Next you could offer a series of tutorials that will help them plan out the basic details of their wedding themselves. This is a hands free system that you set up once and sell over and over again.

It will pair nicely with the free tip book and the planner from the low end of the funnel. It will also help introduce them to the higher priced items.

The next stage of the funnel could be one on one consulting. Where you would help them plan their wedding, but they still do most of the work.

Lastly, could be complete planning packages. Where you do all the work and the bride just sits back and relaxes. This will be the high ticket item.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to fill your funnel with products that you create yourself. You can make nice commissions by promoting other people’s products as well. Just look for non-competing products that will benefit your customers and see if they offer an affiliate or partner program.

A well thought out email funnel will consist of a series of messages that educate and nurture subscribers while it moves them through the buying journey from one product to the next.

It starts with their first awareness of your business, where they know they have a problem and look to you for help, to the decision phase where they commit to making a purchase and decide to follow where you lead.

It will grow and evolve over time as you become more aware of the wants and needs of your subscribers, so you should consistently evaluate your results and listen to your audience to make sure you’re always providing value.

It’s one thing to get people to subscribe to your list, but it’s another to keep them interested in what you have to say. This all comes back to listening to what your audience needs and providing value.

When you can do that you will have no problem getting them to open up your emails, read your content and check out the products you offer.

One of the biggest mistakes I see many email marketers make is that they eagerly build their list, and then immediately start sending promotion after promotion hoping something will stick, without offering any content of value in return.

They don’t take the time to think about what their audience needs, because they are more focused on making the sale.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with being focused on generating revenue. After all, we all go into business to make money, but there has to be a balance. A give and take relationship that benefits both you and your subscriber. Finding that balance can take a little time and testing.

A good place to start is by making sure that the content you send relates closely to the benefits of the products you offer and also moves the reader closer to the buying decision.

Do your best not to veer too far off topic, even if you’re sharing a personal story always tie it in with what you’re selling.

By doing this you will help them identify with the value of the product. The goal is to help them realize the benefits of purchase just by reading your message, without actually promoting it.

Next, make sure that the emails you send are clear, easy to understand and give them something to do. You don’t want to confuse your readers with uncommon words or technical jargon unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Always write in a way that connects with them on a personal level.

For instance you wouldn’t use the same language tone if you’re selling to a skateboarder that you would if you were selling to a hair stylist or a dental technician because they use different terminology.

Never leave them hanging. Always give your subscribers a strong call to action (CTA). They need a clear and easy path to follow. If you want them to click on a link at the end of your email then tell them to.

If you want them to call you for a consultation make sure the phone number stands out from the rest of your content, so they don’t have to search for it, and if you want them to make a purchase tell them exactly how it works and what will happen after they do.

Lastly, do your best to keep things fresh and interesting for your readers. A good way to do that is by sharing testimonials and stories that demonstrate how other people benefit from using your product. Talk about how it can help them achieve goals or solve their problems. Your job as the story teller is to help them identify with the end result and imagine what their lives will be like after they use it themselves.

If you can get them to attach positive emotions to the use of your product then the buying decision will become much easier for them.

Building an email list that actively engages with the content you send doesn’t have to be time consuming or difficult as long as you stay focused on the right objectives. There are literally thousands of tips and tactics that you can try, but it really all comes down to listening to what your audience wants and giving them what they need.

When you provide value they will follow wherever you lead, so lead them down the path to purchase!  The most powerful way to make money online in 2019 is by building a PROFITABLE FUNNEL.

This is so powerful because by having a proven funnel, you will ALWAYS be able to make money online profitably. Your only focus is sending leads to your profitable funnel. Read the full details here.

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