How to Use Mind Maps to Create and Run Your Own Work From Home Business

If you want to start your own online business, learn how to sell and market your products or services AND get access to the most effective, up-to-date marketing strategies to grow your business quickly, you are in the right place.

How to Use Mind Maps to Create and Run Your Own Work From Home Business

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Many problems of memory are primarily due to lack of proper attention.

You can visualize what you want to remember by picturing them as a sequence; the more bizarre, humorous and exaggerated the images, greater the recall.

You can link the main ideas or items of information by stringing them into an unusual story. E.g. if you have to buy vegetables, pick up laundry and buy toys, you could link them into a story: Tomato quashes on your shirt, you have to go to the laundry for cleaning when Mickey Mouse welcomes you.

While these are some of the common techniques for enhancing your memory, an equally powerful and easy technique for reinforcing learning and memory is the Mind Mapping.

The Mind Mapping technique is primarily based on how we think, remember and recall. British Psychologist, Mr. Tony Buzan, developed the technique based on the theories of memory. His studies on memory and the brain, led him to invent the Mind Map technique.

What is a Mind map?

Simply put it is a visual tool used to organize information graphically. It represents relationships among parts of the whole. Here associated representations ideas are added. Main ideas will be connected to the central concept. Because of their layout, they are termed to be similar to spider diagram.

Since being developed in the 1960’s, the process has been well accepted in the world of business. Here the techniques have been used for presentations, human resource development, knowledge management and project planning. Almost every successful company is using mind mapping to improve their perfprmance. Some of the well-known companies include:

  • General Motors
  • Boeing Aircraft
  • British Petroleum
  • Oracle and many others

If you want to start an online business and have a thirst to be successful, using mind maps will give you the necessary strategies.

1. Passion

For sure it is the impetuous passion that keeps you motivated all the way. When it gets tough you still have the plan in place to achieve your dreams. Every successful person attests that motivation and passion are the key secrets to goal setting and reaping the rewards.

If you combine your skills with what you know, you will create the enthusiasm of getting things done in both yourself and others. So to succeed in online business, you don’t have to be an expert in everything but you must be an enthusiast with a well laid out plan.

2. Research

While you may have impeccable talents and expertise in a certain field, you need to ensure that there is an adequate market for your product. In most cases, if your research has been accurate you will find that the market is there and ready to be served. However the challenge is how to participate and excel in the chosen niche.

Therefore, knowing that you want your offering to be successful research is essential in any niche market. Remember, there are many people looking what you offer so make sure you position marketing so that the product or service can be easily found. For that reason, you can use tools to research the online market and remember to include this in your mind map.

3. Capture and organize your findings

Use mind mapping to plan and summarize research results, industry findings and market trends. All the data can be managed within the mapping tool and enriched with links that lead to external resources. The research summary can serve any team member or stakeholder who wants to use the findings for research.

4. Create a nice profile of your customer needs during a meeting

In order to create a working marketing strategy, there is a need to come with effective ways that will meet your customer needs. You can create an outline of your customer profile by documenting information about their respective needs. Also, consider mapping out the decision-making process of the respective customer.

5. Make detailed customer personas for your marketing planning

Customer’s profiles incorporate a detailed description of clients segments. They ensure envisioning of the people who will use your services and products. Moreover, they will provide you with a preview on what will actually motivate them. Away from that, you can outline the marketing strategies with marketing plan mind map.

6. Sales account management

Mind mapping greatly aids sales and marketing professional. It achieves this by simply providing a suitable resource for planning and proper management of sales.

By including all the above aspects into your mind map will help you to decide what type of work from home business model (if any) will be suitable for your own set of skills and circumstances.


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