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Increase Sales, Boost Productivity, Stay Motivated, Tap Your Full Potential!

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There are many ways to build a solid brand and long lasting relationships. One of the best ways is to have a foundational strategy in place to connect with them on a more personal level.

This will help you develop meaningful relationships that will turn your consumers into raving fans, and lifelong customers.

The best place to start is by getting to know your audience. The more research you do into their wants and needs, the more they will be able to tell that you’re interested in helping them, which in turn will keep them vested in your business and what you have to offer.

When you discover something that will serve your audience, let them know through your actions and the content you share.

– Be good to them

So many times business owners have sales and special events to get new customers, but what about the ones you already have?

In order to build long-term relationships it’s just as (if not more) important to treat your existing customers like gold because it’s much easier and less costly to keep them happy than it is to acquire new ones.

Take time to do something special for your existing consumers that shows them that you care about them.

This can be as simple as creating content that will help them or offering them a discount, a special gift, or something else that evokes and emotional response from them. This will help generate goodwill and attach them to your business in a special way.

– Be real and authentic

If you want to endear yourself to your audience always do your best to be completely authentic and honest with them.

This is especially true in your marketing messages, because they will be able to tell if you’re trying to take advantage of them or don’t have their best interests at heart. Don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be trying to sell to them. It just means that the offers you share should help and benefit them in some way.

– Put them first

Always try to put your people before the numbers, when you do things that promote your business. Keep them in mind as you write your emails, blog post and sales copy. If you put them first, you’ll find that you’ll naturally improve your bottom line.

Because the more people trust you, the more they’ll buy from you.

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and let them get to know you. If you make a mistake, own it. If you change your views on something, it’s okay to admit it. Doing this will help them identify with you on a more personal level and see you as a trustworthy source of information, products and services. No one wants to feel as if they’re doing business with a big corporation or someone who isn’t real. So go ahead and inject a little of your own personality into your communications. Let them know you’re funny, compassionate and kind.

Remember, people do business with people, so let your humanity shine through.

You should start building a foundation of honesty and trust with your consumers from the very first contact they have with your business. You will be amazed at how fast the relationships will develop and how much your business will grow when you let them know you have their best interests in mind.

When it comes to building a long-lasting relationship with your consumers it helps to understand the reasons why they spend money in the first place. If you can understand why your audience opens their wallet to buy, you can create a marketing system that hits their triggers just about any time you want to.

Let’s go over a quick list of the most common emotional triggers that make them buy:

– Image

People want others to perceive them in a certain way. That need often drives them to buy things to help them keep that image, not only for others to see them that way but also to see themselves that way.

– To feel good

Whether it’s the fear of missing out (FOMO) or to avoid feeling bad in general. People will do almost anything to avoid negative emotions, which makes it a powerful motivator to spend. Why do you think online shopping is so popular?

There have been scientific studies that show that the simple action of clicking the buy button can raise serotonin levels, the chemical in our brain that makes us feel good. So, if you can show how your product or service helps your audience feel better, they’ll be much more likely to purchase.

– Save time or gain freedom

People love the idea of quick solutions and shortcuts. Anything that will save them time and give them more freedom will seem like a no-brainer purchase for them. If you can be clear about how your product or service can help them do that, they will gladly spend money with you.

-To fit in

Everyone wants to feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves. If making a specific purchase will help them feel as if they’re a part of a community or cause, they will find a way to make it happen.

– Instant gratification

No doubt, people like getting what they want, when they want it. We live in the age of instant gratification. If you can offer them immediate solutions they will most definitely hand you their money. Just be sure to always deliver exactly what you say you will.

– Power

When people buy something they view as potentially life changing, they feel powerful and in charge. If you can offer something super special that solves a very specific problem and evokes feelings of power in your audience, you’ll have a winner on your hands.

– Self-esteem

Many of the people in your audience probably suffer from a general lack of self-esteem. It’s a common problem. If you can help them see the value in themselves and boost their confidence in any way with the products or services you offer, then they will be thankful they found you and more than happy to purchase anything you offer.

– Solve a problem

One of the most obvious reasons people spend money is to solve a problem. When you show them how your product or service can help them put an end to their problems, they’ll buy from you over and over again. As I mentioned in your first lesson, it’s very important to study your audience, because once you understand the reasons why they spend money you’ll know how to trigger the feelings that make them click that buy button.

This will help you serve them even better and lead to a longer-lasting and mutually beneficial relationship.

Trust is one of the most important emotions, especially when it comes to doing business. It is the one that helps your audience feel good about giving you their money. Even though it may seem like a simple transaction it’s very personal to them and they must trust you to buy from you.

So today we are going to go over a few quick ways you can earn their trust from the start:

– Publish content regularly

Showing that you’re consistent and dependable will go far in helping to develop trust with your audience. If you publish blog posts, newsletters and social media content regularly, it will demonstrate that you’re in business to provide value and have a vested interest in helping them.

It will also help you establish yourself as and authority in the eyes of your consumers and help them trust you even more.

– Be truthful

When you’re sharing information or giving examples for anything, whether it’s a product or service, being honest is always the best policy. If you’re straightforward about the things you recommend, your audience will know and appreciate you for it.

For example, if you are doing a book, product or service review don’t be afraid to share both your likes and dislikes. Also let them know if you were given the item free to review or if you’re being paid to tell them about it. Not only will this help gain their trust, it’s the law.

– Avoid over selling

People expect a sales tone when looking at a sales page, but not when reading a blog. Be very careful not to confuse the two. If you always revert to sales language in all your content, people get turned off.

Yes, you want to include a call to action, but you also want to avoid seeming too pitchy. It’s a fine line that takes practice to master, but as long as you keep your audience’s best interests in mind as you create your content you shouldn’t have a problem providing them with real value.

– Over deliver

Be careful not to overstate what the product or service you offer can do for them. You’ll see much better results when you over-deliver with even more than they expected after purchase.


Because you want them to be so thrilled with their purchase that they will gladly shout it from the rooftops and buy from you again. In business there is nothing better than a happy, repeat customer!

– Don’t hide from them

People buy from people they know, like and trust. Online this can be a bit more difficult, but if you post a picture of yourself and share tidbits of your life with them you will gain their trust even faster, because they’ll see you as a real person and not just another business trying to sell them something.

– Use videos

The next best thing to real life is video. Videos help you share what you know as if you’re in the room with them. So why not go live on FaceBook or Instagram. If you’re not comfortable doing that, then practice recording yourself until you are, then share the video on your website or social media.

If you really don’t want to get in front of the camera, that’s okay too. Use a slide show with narration or start a podcast. Just the sound of your voice can go a long way towards establishing real trust with your consumers.

– Engage regularly

Beware of using too much automation, especially when it comes to social media. You want to engage with your people regularly. This will help further the trust they are developing with you. They will feel special when you answer questions and take the time to engage with them personally. Developing trust can take time, but it will definitely pay off in the long run.

Any time you are marketing your business, it’s important to keep your audience in mind as you create your sales messages. To get the desired response you’ll want to use certain trigger words in order to elicit specific emotions from them.

Words have the power to change the significance, attitude and impulse of your audience then drive them into action, so use them wisely. Depending on what you’re offering there are certain emotions that you’ll want to evoke in your copy. Now, you don’t necessarily want to overload everything you publish with every trigger word you can think of, but if you aim to include at least two or three then you’ll have no trouble getting your message to resonate with your consumer.

Let’s go over a few of those words now:

Free – The word free just gets people excited! Who doesn’t like free stuff!

New – This one perks people up and keeps them interested in what you have to say.

Convert – Evokes feelings of transformation. It helps them IMAGINE the journey from discovery to completion. The distance from point A (where they start) to point B (where they finish.

Proven – People love knowing that there is proof that something works. The more you can provide the better.

Instant – Conveys gratification, as we talked about in lesson two, people like getting what they want, when they want it.

Easy – Whenever you tell someone that you can make their life easier in any way you can immediately grab their attention.

Yes – Just saying it out loud generates positive feelings. Say YES to the dress. Say YES to more freedom. Say YES to better health!

You get the idea!

You – Let’s them know YOU have them in mind. YOU are Awesome, YOU rock, YOU can do this!

Secret – Everyone loves a secret solution. Tell them you know the secret to solving their problems and you will be their hero.

The – This tiny little word paired with others can be very persuasive. For example when you say “The 7 Simple Steps or The Solution to” you’re letting them know that you can help them.

More – It’s such a simple word that we use every day, but when you use it to let people know they are getting incredible value then it has the power to make them click. Why do you think all the infomercials use the phrase “But wait, there’s MORE”.

If – This two letter word opens the door to possibility. IF you take this course you can, IF you use this process you’ll get, IF you say YES you will achieve!

Never – At first this may seem like a negative word, but when used correctly it will show the reader exactly what they should not do.

Then you can explain what they should do from a place of authority.

Imagine – This one also opens up the door to endless possibility. When you say to someone “Just Imagine” their mind immediately jumps to how they would feel if they say YES to what you have to offer.

Incorporating these simple words into the sales copy on your website or in your blog and social media posts can elicit strong emotions from your audience. You can use them to create engagement, inspire action and close the sale.

Don’t underestimate them. Instead use them to form better connections and longer lasting relationships with your customers.

Everything from our friendships to what we eat and what we buy is affected by emotions. They are often more important than other factors when consumers make decisions. Even when we believe we are making a decision based on logical fact, our emotions play a big role whether we realize it or not. If you want to build better customer relationships you have to understand how to evoke specific emotions in your audience, because that’s the fastest way to inspire customer loyalty.

It all starts with clarifying your brand. Your brand is a mental and emotional representation of your products and services. If you clearly define it, consumers will instantly feel an emotional attachment to it when they think of it.

Think about big brands like Coke, Pepsi or Mountain Dew. What about Lexus, Porsche or Tesla. Do any of those strike a chord with you?

Chances are you have a favorite brand that you will buy over any other.

What about Nike?

Do you love it, hate it or are you indifferent?

When you can connect your business to consumers on an emotional level you will outshine the competition even if they offer exactly what you do. Even if your price is higher, their emotions and loyalty will keep them coming back to you.

Now let’s go over a few things you can do to form that connection:

– Benefits over Features

Consumers don’t care about attributes, features or facts; they care about what the product or service does for them. All they really want to know is what’s in it for them! When you’re creating sales material focus more on how they will feel after using your product than technical details and you’ll see much better results.

– Customer service

Do everything you can to make sure that every customer you deal with has a great experience, no matter where they are within the product funnel. Make the purchase process easy, over-deliver and follow up with them. Everyone, likes to be treated with respect and made to feel as if they matter. When you show them they do, you’ll have their loyalty, no questions asked.

– Emotions and reason

At first glance you may feel as if emotion and reason don’t work together. But, the truth is that if you can combine emotional cues with reason, facts and proof you’ll affect them on a much deeper level.

– Trust

People tend to look back on their experiences with a business and judge future dealings based on those experiences. If you can provide a great experience for them from the very first contact the trust will grow and so will your business.

– Community

Building a community around your business is a great way to encourage customer loyalty. As we went over in lesson two, if you can make your customer feel as if they’re part of a community and fill their need to fit-in, they will gladly follow your lead.

Work to build special relationships with them whether it’s individually or as a group. Find ways to make them feel special by offering customer loyalty discounts, specials, freebies and other offers. Remember emotions and loyalty go hand in hand, so always treat your customers generously and look at them as people, not just numbers. When you do your customer relationships and your business will grow almost effortlessly.

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