List Building For Huge Profits

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List Building For Huge Profits

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Every successful Internet marketer in the world will tell you that the money is in the list, and without a list, you don’t really have a business. Of course, it’s absolutely true; you need a list and you need to be able to use it properly to gain profits from your business.

The problem is most of the same Internet marketers won’t tell you exactly what is involved in building a list, and so if you’re just starting out your know you need to build a list but you don’t really know where to start.

That’s where most people get stuck; the start.

With list building it all begins with a squeeze page. There are a lot of different names for it – capture page, landing page, opt-in page – but they’re all the same thing, and they are all created to do the same thing: to get visitors to hand over their email address.

Basically – a squeeze page is like a sales page but where the ‘buy now’ button would be, there’s a form where the visitor can give you their name and email address (sometimes other details) in return for a free gift or something else that is valuable.

By giving you their details they’re also agreeing that you can contact them in the future. The whole point is to build a list of people you can email again and again and sell to. Arguably your squeeze page is the most important part of the entire list building process, because without a squeeze page, you don’t get anybody on your list. So you need to focus on making your squeeze page as effective as possible, and that’s what we’re going to do now.

Why You Need A High-Converting Squeeze Page

So why do you actually need a squeeze page in the first place? Why not just put an opt-in form on your blog or sales page?

The problem with just having your opt-in form on a regular site is that the attention gets diverted away from the form. Remember, when you want people to take a specific action (like entering their email into an opt-in form) you want to make it as easy as possible for them to do that. Sending them to a blog just distracts them from that one objective. There are posts to read, videos to view, links to click.

Contrast that to sending people directly to a squeeze page, where there is nothing except a powerful headline, a strong call-to-action and an opt-in form. Their attention is not diverted anywhere; it goes directly to the opt-in form. When a new visitor hits your site (regardless of if it’s a squeeze page or a blog) you’ve really only got a few seconds to get their attention. It’s so easy to get distracted online, so you want to move them as quickly as possible from being a fresh visitor to a subscriber.

Don’t give them excuses to click away from your site or around to different pages; just get them to signup to your list.

This is why your squeeze page has just one job – to get leads onto your list.

What A Good Squeeze Page Actually Looks Like

Squeeze pages are all designed around identical concepts. The actual presentation may be different, but the focus and intent is 100% the same on any successful opt-in page.

Most squeeze pages have the same elements:

  • An attention-grabbing headline. The headline should be the first thing a visitor sees when they hit your squeeze page. It should stand out, be in big, bold lettering, and should grab the visitor’s attention straight away. The most effective headlines are usually ones that state benefits or make some big claim.
  • A strong call-to-action. Once you’ve actually got the visitors’ attention, you need to go ahead and tell them what to do next. So for example, if you mention a specific benefit in your headline, something like the visitor will get a “Free Report That Reveals The Top 5 Workouts That Lose Belly Fat Fast” then in the call-to-action you need to tell them exactly how to get that free report; “Enter your email below to gain instant access to this ground breaking report!” You need to tell them exactly what to do, and that’s always to enter their email to get access to something.
  • An opt-in form where they enter their email. Obviously this is essential! The only way you actually get the visitor’s email address is if they enter it into an opt-in form. You can create these forms using any reliable autoresponder service, such as Aweber or GetResponse, and when someone enters their email it will automatically be placed into your database on these services.

Here are a couple of examples of high-converting squeeze pages:

As you can see they are both short and straight to the point; powerful headline, strong call-to-action, then an opt-in form.

Some marketers prefer to have longer squeeze pages with bullet points that outline some more benefits, others like to include pictures of themselves or product covers. It’s really a matter of choice, but smart marketers will test both with their sales copy to see which one converts at a higher rate for them than the other.

Squeeze Page Conversion Tactics

Good copywriting requires a mix of persuasive sales points and strong psychological or emotional triggers. Your headline needs to address a specific problem and the solution you are providing with your free product. If it doesn’t, your visitors will not know that the solution they are looking for is right in front of them.

In short – tell your reader they have a problem and then explain how your product can solve that problem. The headline is the first thing visitors are going to see, so you need to make it compelling and attention-grabbing. Now, unless you’ve written sales copy before, coming up with a powerful headline might be a challenge. So here are 10 sample headlines you can take and use for your own squeeze pages:

  1. How To <benefit> …In Less Than <timeframe>
  2. Who Else Wants To <benefit> In Only <timeframe>?
  3. What Everybody Should Know About How To <benefit>
  4. <no Of Steps/tips> To <benefit>
  5. To People Who Want To <benefit> — But Can’t Get Started
  6. Free Report Reveals… <no. of steps/tips> To <benefit>
  7. Finally Discovered…The Secret Of <goal> In Just <timeframe>
  8. It’s A Shame For You Not To <benefit> — When These People Do It So Easily
  9. Thousands Now <benefit> Who Never Thought They Could
  10. Great New Discovery Helps You <benefit>

Just use those headlines as a template for your own. Mix and match them, and customise them however you see is suitable for your own offers. The key here is to focus on the benefit visitors will get if they stay on the page and enter their email into the opt-in form.

You’re also going to play on some important psychological triggers.

Most Effective Psychological Triggers

Salesmanship can be found everywhere. Good salespeople are those who can grab your attention and pull on your emotional strings, not letting go until you buy their car or TV. Internet marketing is no different than marketing in the thousands of stores anywhere and, if used skillfully, your conversion rate on your squeeze page can increase dramatically the more you can trigger an emotional response.

First, don’t be mysterious about why you’re doing something or what you want your visitors to do, buy, subscribe or refer. Don’t try to become a person other than the one you already are. People trust ordinary people, and can often tell if you’re not being honest.

Give your visitors honest reasons for whatever you are doing on your pages, like offering a discount or limiting the number of memberships or number of free reports you will give away. An open conversation with your visitors on your squeeze page will build trust.

Second, be specific when you are using income details to back up your claims of success. Your visitors will start out being skeptical of your income claims and your job is making what you say believable to them. For example, if you’re providing a free report about how you made $1,012 in a week, say so. Don’t round it off to $1,000. General numbers can sound phony.

Next, learn to create curiosity in everything you do, like in your headlines. Use words like “Hidden” and “Secret” to make your readers wonder what is so secret. Questions are another way to generate curiosity. Make them start with terms like, “Do You Know __________?” or “Have You Heard About ___________?” Curiosity is the easiest emotion to arouse. Use it and make money.

Headlines are great places to ask your question. Page visitors can’t miss seeing it when they land on your page and, therefore, begin reading your sales copy with their curiosity already working. A very influential way to get visitors involved in your offers and your personality is to tell a true story to illustrate a point in your sales message.

So if you want to incorporate your story into your headline say something like, “Discover How I Made $1012 Online In 5 Days Without Any Technical Skills And Without A Website!”

Last, remember that your products are the solutions to problems your ordinary customer has. Present the problem and examine it some to make your customer’s recognize the problem (pain) in their own lives and want to find a solution. Once you have the reader understanding the problem they face or have been living with, present the solution in your product.

Studying these techniques until you are familiar with them will help you create squeeze pages that make your visitors want to sign-up without needing to convince them or sell them on the idea. They’ll just sign-up because it makes sense for them.


Your squeeze page is just one aspect of the entire list building process, but it’s arguably the most important aspect.

Without a squeeze page in place, you can’t get people onto your list. But you don’t just want any old squeeze page, you want a high-converting squeeze page. A high-converting squeeze page can be the difference between getting 20 subscribers a day onto your list, and getting 50+ subscribers per day.

You literally double your subscribers (or better) when you create a better squeeze page, which means you also double the size of your list and you can potentially double your profits and the size of your business. It’s really something you can’t ignore. The first step is always the most important step; get a high-converting squeeze page up and start building your list, then focus on building out the rest of your business strategy.

The second phase of your overall list building strategy is to build a relationship with your list. Provide them with high-value content and interact with them in order to build trust and rapport with your subscribers. This is what will make your list responsive to your offers. It’s also something most people never really do properly. Most people will send sales emails one after the other to their list, and they end up burning them out.

You don’t just want to build a big list to send sales emails to; you want to build a responsive list that will actually pay attention to what you say. You want them to actually open your emails, read your emails, click through to your sales pages, and then buy your products. 

And this is exactly what I teach you to do in my list building training.

It covers everything you need to know to succeed with list building, from creating a high-converting squeeze page, building a strong, responsive relationship with your subscribers, and how to position yourself for maximum profits. So if building a responsive list and profiting from it is something you are interested in, I highly recommend you check out this training: List Building Program


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