Secrets to Online Business Startup Success

If you want to start your own online business, learn how to sell and market your products or services AND get access to the most effective, up-to-date marketing strategies to grow your business quickly, you are in the right place.

Secrets to Online Business Startup Success

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Online marketing is an incredibly strong tool that nearly every company can benefit from. Online marketing will help you to reach consumers that you would be unable to reach through normal marketing means. It can help you to increase your image, increase the interest in your company, and increase the traffic to your company.

Imagine your shop in an abandoned shopping complex in a deserted town. Cobwebs are growing at every corner and you’ve wasted tons of cash in goods you’ve never been able to sell. That’s what it’s like when your website has no traffic. We know that it is important. That’s why, it is highly crucial that we spend at least 30% of our marketing efforts to draw traffic to our online businesses.

Traffic isn’t something that is formed on easy terms. Thankfully, these traffic generation tasks can be outsourced. But first, you must have a thorough understanding of how each method works before you can teach your subordinates to draw traffic for you. But with so many traffic generation methods available, how do you know which is the right one for you?

The best choice – Learn and apply as many techniques as you can.

You can never have enough traffic, as they say. But don’t do things half-heartedly. Whatever task you embark on, make sure you see it till the end. That is the only way to create true results for your business. Let me show to you a couple of sure-fire methods to create massive traffic for your online business. For those on a shoestring budget, free traffic is definitely the way to go. Even if you have a steady cash flow, the potential of free traffic sources in bringing you extra eyeballs shouldn’t be overlooked. Free traffic is essentially drawing visitors to your site without having to pay for advertising fees. There are several ways to draw free traffic to your site, such as:

  • Article Submission

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Link Exchanges

  • Ad Swaps

  • Offline Traffic Methods

Article submission basically involves submitting articles related to your niche topic to high traffic article directories so that people searching for information will find your articles, which leads them to your website through an author’s resource box. Search engine optimization is the art of getting your page to the top of Google or Yahoo’s search engine by targeting high search volume “keyword phrases”.

Link exchanges is the exchanging of links between your site and other people’s websites so that visitors from the other site will visit yours and vice versa. Ad swaps basically entails mutual promotion of 2 partners websites through email marketing or blog posts. When used correctly, can hugely benefit both parties. Offline traffic methods deal with promoting one’s website through offline methods such as banners, flyers, direct response marketing and name cards. Article marketing was one of the most widely used traffic generation methods in the past, and still is widely used today.

As mentioned earlier, it involves posting or submitting articles to article submission directories to draw traffic to your website.

Here are some commonly used article directories, which you can submit articles to:

Bear in mind, each of the directories has their own set of submission guidelines. So be sure to read and adhere to the guidelines of article writing if you don’t want your articles to be rejected.

Here’s how it works:

As a general rule of thumb, write an article ranging from 300-500 words (or more) which is unique, filled with keywords related to your topic.

Then, sign up for a free account at any of those article directories.  Make sure you create a solid author’s resource box which talks a little about yourself and has back-links (one or two max) to your website. Whenever you post an article and it is approved, your article will appear on the website directory along with your author’s resource box. People searching for relevant articles will read your article, and from there if they wish to find out more information, they will visit your website. For this matter, it is important that your article titles are highly optimized for keywords so that they can be found and also must be catchy enough to stand out from the crowd.

Example: 8 Goal Setting Mistakes You Should Avoid.

This is good because it contains keywords and also is eye-catching enough for readers to want to click on your article to read it. Remember, content is key. You must have uniquely written content as plagiarized content are often penalized and frown upon. If your content is good, it will further entice the readers to find more information through the links to your website.

Here’s your job:

Consistently post 3-5 articles per week to multi article directories and soon you’ll start seeing a steady flow of traffic come into your website.

SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization” which is basically the art of getting your website onto the first page of the search engines such as the big “G” (Google), Bing and Yahoo. The SEO technicalities change from time to time, but there are still many basic SEO techniques for getting your website favored by Search Engines which I am about to reveal.

The first of all is in-site optimization.

Basically, it involves tweaking your website and blog posts in such a way that it’s easy for Google “Spiders” to crawl your website and index it so that people can find your website easily. For example, you should always include keyword phrases into the titles of your blog posts as this will help your articles get found by people who search for these phrases in the search engines.

Also, it is helpful to include keyword phrases and keywords in the first sentence of the first paragraph and bold or italicize them. This is often favored as well. The key is to find a good balance between SEO optimization and user readability. You don’t want to sound like a robot in all your blog posts as this will turn people off. Next is back-linking. The more links your website gets from outside authority websites, the higher your page will rank in Google. As a general rule of thumb, it is better to get more quality back-links (e.g more reputable websites of similar niches) than many links from smaller websites – A move that is often frowned upon as may come off as “link farming”.

You can also link between blog posts within your website to boost SEO points but this does not contribute nearly as much as outsider links. Recently, a new trend has emerged in SEO which is social interaction. Which means, people must actively interact on your website, whether if it’s through sharing, tweeting or commenting on your blog posts. This is favored by search engines and will greatly boost page ranking for those that make their websites interaction friendly. There are a lot of merits to using the outsourcing style to keep the smooth running of any business mechanism and it is becoming more popular to seek this kind of help due to its positive contributions to the business as a whole.

The following are some of the reasons why outsourcing can benefit a business mechanism:

If a company had to explore the possibilities of setting up a separate department for a particular part of the overall work procedures needed for the project at hand, it ends up being a rather costly affair. This is mainly due to several issues such as the hiring of new staff, the availability of space for the new workers and the project they take on, the resources and possible assisting tools that may be needed and many more other connective elements. All this when measured against making the choice to use an outsourcing option will in most cases prove to be cost effective. The company can then focus all its efforts in other areas, thus bringing the business to more competitive level in the market. More time can be spent on making the product or business more visible and thus garnering more revenue to the company.

There is also no need to have to file documentations that would otherwise have to be done on behalf of the hiring of the new badge of workers to serve in the project. This is a disadvantage when the services of the workers are only for a short period of time which does not justify the efforts for the above-mentioned documentation process. Faster processes can be expected, with the use of the outsourcing option, as the expertise provided will be based on the outsourced capabilities and contributions.

One of the foremost concerns when choosing to use an outsourcing company is the almost immediate loss of complete control over the functions and management of the particular part that is being outsourced. Though outsourcing companies will do the job as required as their reputations are also on the line, the standards and mission that drives the customer may not be shared by the outsourcing entity as they have no vested interest in the outcome as a whole. The outsourcing company’s concern would be the profits they make out of the services rendered and the quality of their contributions and almost nothing else.

Most contracts drawn up between principals and the outsourcing company is done to the advantage of the outsourcing entity, therefore any problems that arise within the relationship and the work produced will require an outside mediator to handle and this will incur further cost for the principal company. Then there is also the fact that any additional requirements not originally stated in the contract would incur further costs thus perhaps making the whole endeavour cost ineffective as compared to doing it “in house”.

Security and confidentiality are also another factor to be considered especially when the outsourced work is of a sensitive nature. Competitors will be only too happy to indulge an outsourcing company for information pertaining to issues that may prove to be of help to them. In most cases loyalty is not part of the deal when outsourcing assistance is sought.

Unless you’ve been hiding out under a rock for the last several years, BUM marketing is the number one pick for a lot of beginner and advanced affiliate marketers. Basically, the BUM marketing technique is about authoring articles on your niche topic and posting them to article directories. These articles get scooped up by the major search engines like Google high in the search results related to your keyword choice. The mystery to BUM marketing dwells in the keywords. Essentially, you need to discover keywords or keyword phrases that a high number of individuals are seeking on search engines which have modest competition or a low number of pages in the search results.

Beneficial keyword phrases are ones that have approximately a hundred searches monthly but less than 100,000 pages in the search results on the search engines. This is how a good BUM marketing affiliate marketing campaign would go….

Let’s suppose you’re into “World of Warcraft” and you would like to sell a product about it. So you go to Clickbank to get hold of a product to promote. A “World of Warcraft” guidebook. There are bunches of these guides so it means individuals are purchasing them. (Naturally, the niche and product you pick can be anything; I’m just utilizing this one as an illustration.)

Next you go over to and feel out what individuals are searching for on the search engines about “World of Warcraft”. Note that “World of Warcraft” is a.k.a. “WOW” so include that in your tests also. A quick look will show that there are over 10000 searches for the term “World of Warcraft” and I understand without looking that there are going to be 1000000s of pages in the search results in the search engines for that term.

So, let’s go farther down the list.

Remember, I want a keyword string that bears approximately a hundred searches a month. So I discover this one: “world of Warcraft hacks” which has around 100 searches per month. Then go to Google and search for the term “world of Warcraft hacks” to ascertain how many pages turn up in the search results. These other pages are your competitors so the smaller the better. there are about 700,000 other pages listed for the term “world of Warcraft hacks”. Not bad.

But try “wow hacks”. Gets about 100 searches a month at the keyword site. So, go to Google again… The results, only about 400,000 pages.

Even better!

So, we choose “wow hacks” as our keyword. It has the numbers we’re seeking and the term is absolutely related to what we want to sell, a “World of Warcraft” guide. Now all you have to do is author material containing your keywords “wow hacks” in the title and throughout the body of the content and post them to article directories. Submit your articles to article directories. Your affiliate link goes in the resource box at the finish of your article. Add a little bio about yourself or your website and a link to your site. This can be your own site or your affiliate link.

NOTE: doesn’t allow a direct affiliate link, but that doesn’t matter. Continue reading the next few sections about blogging and hub pages etc. to see how to bypass this. Most other article directories let you place a direct affiliate link in however make certain to study their terms of service first.

You gotta love blogs! I’m not going to consume your time telling you all the dandy things about blogs or why they’re beneficial or why you require one. All you need to recognize is that you need one if you want to stand any chance of attaining income with affiliate marketing.

These days, everybody has a blog. So, if you’ve been hiding out under that rock again and don’t have yourself a blog so far, you had better get going over to or and get yourself a free blog. But before you thrust up just any old generic blog, consider your purpose for it.

Is it to market you?

Is it to market a certain product?

Is it to provide info on one certain niche topic?

Is it going to be a news blog?

A review blog?

Pick your purpose 1st, then go and produce a blog. The idea comes 1st, then the blog. The riskiest thing you can do is hold a non-focused blog and barf up content in between all kinds of ads and banners and blinking lights. Visitors will be out of there fast. So, you’ve got your tightly targeted blog……now what?

This is where the merriment starts! Once you’ve selected your blog’s theme, the 1st thing you want is beneficial relevant material for your blog.

Remember those articles you composed and submitted to article directories?

Place them on your blog. After that, you likely have a bunch of PLR articles on your computers also. PLR articles are a beneficial beginning point as you should re-script them as best you are able to before posting them. The search engines will reward you for unique material. The chief thing is to add beneficial related content. Then you can add your affiliate links throughout the material. Stick in your affiliate links by hyper-linking some powerful key words as your anchor text. As the visitor scans and likes what he/she is reading, they’ll naturally click on your links to recommended products/offers, etc.

Don’t stress too much about this as with the free Blogger and WordPress blogs, you can easily stick in hyperlinks in the material with a few clicks on the mouse with their rich content editors. You might also want to add banner ads to your blog. Banner ads are just hyperlinked images. So, when your visitor clicks on the image, they’re sent on automatically to the page that image links to, your affiliate offer! The best place to add your banners is higher up. That is, the very top first part of your blog your visitor will see when they come to your web site. The top is your “Income space”! More individuals will see the top fold than any other place on your page. Update your blog with new content regularly and ping it! In brief, “pinging” is a way to tell other sites that your blog has been updated with new material. You should try to update your blog with new content at least weekly.

The search engines love blogs with fresh material. After you update it, ping it! You can use free multiple ping services or to send pings. Next is to submit your blogs fresh material to content sharing/voting sites. The biggest one would have to be You can submit news to but just make sure your material is quality or they won’t admit it. A different way to market your blog is to join and take part in blogging communities like Posting beneficial material on your blog, pinging it and joining blog communities are just a few ways to get traffic to your blog.

Ok, utilizing e-mail marketing to market your affiliate links goes without saying. E-mail goes way back and is still the most beneficial way to promote any direct marketing offer, even though it’s getting harder to pull off successfully. Before we even look at writing emails, it’s super important that you do something with your “raw” affiliate links. Raw affiliate links look atrocious in e-mails resulting in poor click-through rates. Long affiliate links may also be broken up when wrapped in the e-mail body. And, raw affiliate links can be hijacked to make you lose out on commissions. You don’t want any of these things moving in the way of your readers clicking on your link.

Considering you don’t have a site of your own, there are a lot of free online URL abbreviating services. A free, simple and quick one to use is OK, now the 1st thing with authoring promo e-mails is the subject line. This will make or break your e-mail crusade. The opening move is to get the reader to open the e-mail, and that’s done with a thrilling subject line. This is essential to a successful e-mail crusade. If you can seize your prospect’s attention by the “you-know-what” and get them to open your e-mail, you’ve got your foot in the door. It has to strike them like nothing else…virtually. Your subject line has to be better than the other’s in your prospect’s inbox for that day.

Don’t try to pull a fast one on individuals. We aren’t slow…. right?

After you have your friendly personal subject line in place, it’s time to write your e-mail body. You should utilize the prospects first name in the greeting, then begin to introduce your offer.

One golden rule of direct marketing is this.

The prospect only thinks “What’s in it for me?” That means you need to list advantages, benefits, advantages and more benefits in your email. Also, make certain to utilize the word “you” throughout your email. Using “I” sparingly gives the reader a sense of personal touch and humanness to the e-mail instead of sounding like a robot wrote it.

i.e. “Go and download this now and see an increase of ABC immediately!”, and add your affiliate link underneath.

Writing compelling e-mail copy is an art. It takes practice and beneficial e-mail copy will help your affiliate marketing efforts many times over poor email junky copy. So where do you get a list of prospects to e-mail?

You’ve probably heard a million-fold “the money is in the list”. It’s true, list owners can pretty much make income on tap when they mail out an offer to their list. The lucky thing for you if you don’t have a list of your own, is that you are able to borrow one!

What I’m discussing here is buying e-mail advertising. You can do a search for “ezine advertising” in Google and consider a few. With these services, you can send to a few thousand “make money” interested readers with your offer. They can be expensive so you had better establish sure your offer is going to convert and make you earnings. The other option is to acquire a list of your own for free. There are a number of free down-line/list building sites out there for “internet marketers” that are free to join and utilize. You don’t need a site, as you use their site to build your list. Here’s one:

You can sign up for these sites free and begin referring other people to the site with your referral link and they’ll go in your downline.

SEO Intro

There are several different categories that are related to the different targets available such as image search, local search, video search, academic search, news search, and any industry specific vertical search. In the ever-fast pace of today’s business world, almost every individual depends heavily on the internet to source for the latest information in the shortest amount of time possible.

The SEO provides a great marketing strategy, whereby it considers how search engines work, and what people need, in terms of information, services etc, and then works towards providing the relevant information based on its target audience. However, there is also a down side to the SEO known as the black hat SEO. This is really a poisoning tool, also known as spamdexing which can lead to problems which can sometimes be very serious indeed.

This is a very serious problem because much of today’s every system function on some sort of computerized element and thus can be susceptible to negative elements. The spamdexing usually tags onto keywords, links, or another article spinning to degrade, alter, or corrupt the search. Certain exercises are usually put in place to detect and remove these negative elements. Very simply put, search engines are mini computer programs which help the individual find specific information. As there is an infinite amount of information available online, without effective search engines which are designed for the purpose of finding such information, it would be almost impossible if not a monumental task altogether.

Utilizing the same basic principles, the various different search engines work in a variety of specific ways to provide the information sought. All this in done is the shortest and most efficient amount of time. In order to function at its optimum level, the search engines have to form a local database which is tagged to the internet. Originally in order to be detected the search engines would identify keywords and titles but more recently a more comprehensive method of detection is used. The current method used by the search engines is to index all of the text on every page and also any other related data linked to the original search. This method ensures a more efficient search for information rather than having to go around the internet every time a query is sent in. The search engines create various data bases by scouring the internet for any new information either linked directly or indirectly to the subject at hand and then compiling this information and channelling it to the relevant avenues being sought.

The search engine must access the value each page for the words and information that appears on it. At its most elementary level, the search engine must keep track of the contents of each page and record that page as relevant for any potential search done based on the keywords it’s tagged to.

Thus, in order to be fairly completive each search engine will constantly come up with newer ways for weighting the importance or relevance of the information posted. For software applications and websites to be useful to whoever is accessing it, the information prepared and shared must be made available to all who are interested or related to the search. The requirements should be as traceable elements and functions.

When gathering the relevant data for the requirements of SEO several factors should be taken into account such as the information required by the potential individual souring the internet and the users who really want to have their information or services tailored to the individual’s needs.

Though not identical both side’s needs have to be addressed in order for a successful connection to be made. A lot of relevant information needs to be decided upon before a posting is designed. In some instances, the “space” for shared comments should be provided if it is deemed necessary for all parties connected to the SEO.

Perhaps information garnered from the comments regarding the products sold or competing product would prove to be useful and relevant. Some of the areas that can be explored are to create communities of interest, knowledge sharing, selling of products, sales of services such as consultancies, cleaning services, plumbing services, financial services, legal services, and many others. Creating further brand awareness and improving brand perception is also another tool that can be used in the requirements of SEO.

Conducting competitive analysis is also another function that can be linked to the requirements of SEO. Using pictures, charts or other specific functions of competing sites can be of tremendous advantage to the potential client and those viewing the said site. The general idea behind gathering requirements of SEO should be to ensure revenue is earned, information in provided to the relevant users, sales lead is achieved, online registrations are facilitated without hassle are just a few to be mentioned.

Being aware of the importance of keyword research is beneficial to all parties intending to be connected in any way to the unlimited world of the internet. Being in the know definitely has its positive advantages some of which include knowing and understanding the ever-changing needs and interests of potential customers or internet users. The usefulness of this form of intelligence detention cannot be underestimated nor ignored. The keyword research can allow for predictions on shifts in market conditions and demands which directly affect the possible content that web searchers are always actively seeking.

Words or phrases that are typed into a search engine are liked in many ways to various different sites. The search begins as the keywords research tool is used to retrieve the desired or liked information from the various sites tagged. The importance of the optimum use of the keyword is in the understanding of its value in directing as much traffic as possible to the sites listed.

The most important item to consider when conducting the keyword research is the judge if the keyword used is relevant to the content offered in the particular website. Another is to consider if the potential searcher will manage to have their queries satisfactorily addressed. Then the issue of deriving financial rewards from the potential “hits” or visit to the site should be addressed.

Having other advertisements tagged onto the site will also ensure further interest and thus contribute to possible financial rewards. Doing some research or even investing in a sample campaign for optimum keywords may have unlimited benefits. The idea is really to be able to target as many searchers as possible in a limited amount of time.

This will then translate to a lot on interest in the site and perhaps further revenue from other interested parties who may want to be tagged to the successful site. All this is simply because the correct keywords were used.

Creating successful websites today can be very challenging indeed. Perhaps because it has now become a very competitive arena, websites now require a lot more thought and effort than previously imagined. Thus, the need to be better informed of what it takes to create a successful website.

The proper use of search engine optimization is prudent if not essential. Most web designers are now more aware of the need to ensure the sites created are search engine optimized, and this is where some in-depth knowledge of SEO can be beneficial. Learning more about title and meta tag creation is just one aspect that needs to be seriously considered.

Understanding the importance of title tags is the difference between a successfully designed webpage or site than an unsuccessful one. Basically, a title tag is a short and concise description of the site visited and it’s usually located to the top corner of the page. This is really important because it is what will perk the interest of the searcher to scan further into the site.

Thus, it is very important to create a title tag that is attractive, SEO and people friendly. The idea is to use the least yet best keywords in the title tag to keep the searchers attention. Though this may be a little difficult to decide upon it is definitely a very important point to understand.

META tags are similar yet very different in its functions. The META tags are a useful item as it generally indicates to the searcher or spiders what to do with the site. Knowing the coding for META tags is useful as it helps to identify the keywords within the tag, however most search engine spiders no longer factor it into their rankings.

Customizing the tags to fit the individual website alongside the SEO principals can be done or alternatively using the robot text setting is also applicable. There are several very important issues that need to be understood in the quest to being able to successfully garner the hits needed to any site. For copywriters this is especially important and true. Among the most important elements required in a search engine optimized website is the content. Any potential visits to the website are probably only interested in one thing and that is the content of the website which in reality is the words on the said site. This also applies to the search engine spiders that actively move through the web pages scanning for the same thing.

Therefore, if the content on the web page does not adequately match the keyword then the effort put into formulating the page would be wasted indeed. Furthermore, the individual hosting the webpage runs the risk of being negatively listed.

Thus, the function of the copywriter is to create highly relevant yet unique content which has the quality that is able to attract clients. The uniqueness of the content will be the pulling factor.

Then this has to be followed up with information that is both “human” friendly as well as search engine optimized. The target keywords must be captivating to both parties.

This popularity will help garner interest from other related websites which may recommend the said website to hits on their sites. Bottom line is the more “hits” on the website translates to better exposure and this leads to better revenue.

When this happens, the added advantage garnered would be the search engines propelling the said website up in the ranking profile. While all this is being done, it is important to always ensure the contents of the webpage are kept relevant.

Also, the information posted must have a certain amount of credibility.  One of the most important elements to seriously consider when considering web page design is the presence it is capable of demanding. Having an unshakeable presence is definitely the most important element in ensuring maximum traffic to the said site. A steady stream of traffic will ensure the success of the website.

Sometime individual seeks the expertise of marketing services to provide the circumstance that will garner interest, while this is quite a worthwhile investment, it is only a temporary solution to boosting traffic to the website. Most people don’t give enough attention to the importance of SEO into their business; as they are too busy concentrating on the core business issues. This is indeed a huge and sometimes very costly mistake.

Taking the time to understand and learn more about what the website intends to project will allow the better write up of solid SEO content. The integration of the SEO will then consequently ensure the said content is disseminated and socialized and generally create the web presence needed to ensure its staying power.

If the idea of integrating SEO into the business seems daunting, then perhaps generating as much interest as possible using other ways is also another way to use the SEO effectively. Basically, the people who are involved directly in the actual content or topic of the website would be the best people to comment or blog about the website. This then generates the artificial interest needed to boost the hits or visits to the site.

Thus, encouraging all those linked to the website to undertake the SEO and web marketing campaigns would be in the best interest of boosting the website as their views would be based on first-hand knowledge. The more postings done on the site the better the exposure garnered. Understanding the need to be listed or included in search engine and directory submission will allow an individual to decide if this particular avenue is worth pursuing.

Previously directories provided the valuable service of providing webmasters with new sites indexed or introducing links to create the popularity needed to a particular site. However, of late these services don’t seem to have the same impact or coverage it used to. The directories don’t seem to be as helpful in addressing these two arrears as effectively as in the past. This coupled with the rising cost of submission fees have an individual’s listing done does cause a certain amount of apprehension on the part of the individual interested in being linked to the search engine and directory submission.

Generally, the directories are used as a strategy to help build links to ensure traffic flow which in turn heightens the popularity factor and thus causes further attraction to the sight. This is of course an ideal scenario which should be the directories main function.

However, when this is not evident the paying customer may end up losing confidence in the service provided, but if there is an interest in listing with the search engines and directories then the following should be exercised.

  • Find the appropriate category which best suits the individual content.
  • Ensure the directory identified best describes the said website
  • Review this thoroughly
  • Choosing the right category will ensure the quick approval and faster listing
  • Use the “suggest a site” link if in doubt
  • Ensure site in available round the clock
  • Be prepared to have the relevant information at hand – such as site’s title URL and brief description.

If all the above is carefully followed the usual waiting period is about a week. If everything is in order and satisfactory then, the site will be admitted and featured as a legitimate site. The trends of internet marketing have always been evolving. Back then, it was article marketing. Then came the paid advertising era of PPC and PPV. Today, we have Video Marketing.

What is video marketing? Video marketing is the art of using videos to market and grow your business. This could be in the form of using videos for getting leads, building traffic or selling a video product. Video marketing is great because it has the ability to grow virally. Viral marketing as in it spreads as fast and as widely as a biological virus, but in the marketing sense. This can help you reach a wide audience in a short amount of time and at a low cost.

People love watching videos, so much more because you can incorporate visual and audio elements which can excite emotions and make content interesting. E-books are so yesterday and have a hard time keeping up with videos which have been getting better and better. One of the most useful sites out there is YouTube – The world’s largest video sharing site. We shall look into the power of YouTube in the next section.

As mentioned earlier, YouTube is the world’s largest video sharing website. Why are they called video sharing sites? Its because everyone who uploads videos are like a TV channel of their own – You can get subscribers and people who watch your videos can freely share it with others through a wide variety of social media sharing tools available.

The popularity of YouTube has exploded, and businesses, big or small stand a lot to gain by tapping into this phenomenon.

YouTube allows you to upload videos for free, and if your videos meet their standards, they will offer you a director’s status, where you can post up videos longer than 10 minutes. One good thing about YouTube, is that you can post descriptions down at the bottom box of your videos. This allows you to draw traffic to your website and write descriptions about your videos. YouTube also has that added benefit of being owned by Google, the largest search engine in the world.

Because of that, YouTubes videos rank highly on Google, and you can draw tons of traffic by targeting keywords with high search volume and are related to your niche. This section is about the basics of video marketing. For the purposes of this section, we will be focusing on using YouTube as the mainstay for marketing your business using videos. We have seen the potential of YouTube – Huge user base, easy to upload videos and easy to share them as well.

Here’s how you start marketing your business using YouTube:

1) Create a video worth of valuable content related to your niche

2) Make sure there’s a call to action at the end of the video

3) Upload your video to YouTube

4) Add a description below each video

5)Be sure to include a link to your website (traffic drawing purposes)

6) Share your videos with your target audience

Remember, a very important part of video marketing is the sharing component. Get your subscribers or followers to share your videos with others to get more views. The more views you get, the higher your video will be ranked. Let’s look into some simple tools for creating videos for marketing purposes. One of my favourite combinations is Microsoft PowerPoint + Camtasia.

Microsoft PowerPoint allows you to create video content through slides, animations and sound effects. Camtasia allows you to record a screen capture, so when you play your slides in real time, you can record every single thing that is happening.

Combo-ed with some cool music, you can make powerful informative videos which your customer base will like.

Camtasia also allows you to edit your videos with basic features such as audio editing, slide transitions etc. Post video production is followed by uploading to YouTube, all can be done instantly via Camtasia. Last but not least, you will need to sign up for a YouTube account before you can start uploading videos.

In short, these tools will help you create simple yet powerful videos for getting traffic and customers, as long as you have good content that your target market would enjoy. Okay, we’ve talked about YouTube and how you can market your business online using it. Let’s look at some 5 other strategies for using videos to market your business.

1) Share video content on your blog

-You can share video content of interest (doesn’t have to be done by you) on your blog which probably already has an existing fan base. Get your readers to comment on the video down at the blogs comment section or share it with others for some SEO magic 

2) Sell them as a product

Video products usually convert better than e-books and can be sold at a higher price as a “premium” product because it costs more to create them.

3) Share them on Facebook

If you have a Facebook fan page, you can share good video content and get people to interact with your shared content whether in the form of comments, sharing or “liking” to create buzz in your Fan Page

4) Use them as a video course

You can bundle together videos and sell them as a video tutorial course to either get new leads or make big profits.

How To Boost Profits Using Videos

Did you know that videos have the ability to double, even triple your usual profits when used correctly?

Yep you heard me right.

You can do so by using them as a back-end product. You see, after someone buys a product from you (an e-book for example), there is a high chance that they will buy something again if you position your products properly. Meaning that since you already sold them something, the video can be something related to your e-book but priced even higher but give double the value!

You have to make it such a way that it would be foolish to give up on such an opportunity. Your video product could be a video version of the e-book for a slightly higher price, or a massive video collection that complements the e-book priced higher than the e-book. Or, you could also sell your video as a one-time offer (OTO) and tell the customer that they will never have the chance to get this special offer again after they leave the site. Millions are left on the table because marketers fail to tap into back-ends for extra sales. So, start creating your back-end products today using videos!

Here’s a cool ninja-trick to get your video SEO-ed and more easily found on the search engines.

It’s got to do with keyword research. First go to the Google Keyword Tool to research highly searched keywords or key phrases with little to no competition. Once you’ve identified a few keywords, using these keywords as the title of your videos (one keyword/phrase will do). Next, in your video description, the first line should be the direct link to your website. This is so people are more likely to see your link when watching the video and this boosts click-through rates. After a link, add a brief description in a paragraph form, with the first line of the paragraph containing your target keywords and perhaps sprinkle a few more throughout the body description. End the description with a call to action and your link to your website once again.

This tested and proven technique has helped many marketers gets their videos to the top searches and the first page of Google so don’t hesitate in using it now! If you use the information available on the internet, both freely obtained and information and advice gotten from internet marketing consultant, then you can set yourself up a nice online business. Just remind yourself that it will not happen overnight. You can go months without seeing any money, but you just need to consistently work it until it starts making you the money you want.

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