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What Is Public Domain Content?

Introduction And Scope Of Public Domain Content Public Domain consists of all inspired work and other information (Music, invention, artwork, writing, technology, etc.,) on which no one i.e. Person or Organization claims an ownership. Such information is considered to be part of Public’s inheritance and anyone can exploit them for their needs without any restriction.…
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Follow These Simple Steps to Book Publishing Success

The Reality Of Publishing Your Book Writing a book and then finding a publisher can be hard work. Even if you manage it, your publisher may take most of the profits. Thanks to the introduction of Amazon Kindle, and many other tools and resources now available, the concept of Self-Publishing is now a profitable reality.…
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7 Simple Steps To Sell Books Online With Your Own Print On Demand Empire

One of the best things about being a writer is the fact that you can hold a permanent job and still write on the side. That is the good thing in having a creative profession. You can do sidelines and freelancing jobs while still being salaried regularly. In fact, many writers in magazines and newspapers…
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Content Marketing Strategies That Convert Organic Traffic Into Paying Customers

Content marketing has transformed how companies do business and interact with their customers. Merely distributing advertising messages to your audience is no longer a viable strategy for increasing your website traffic and customer conversion rates. Since the rise of social media, companies have become closer to their customers, becoming more communicative to gain their loyalty…
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