Why Is Paid Traffic Better Than Free Traffic?

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Why Is Paid Traffic Better Than Free Traffic?

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Driving traffic doesn’t have to be complicated or cost a fortune. In fact, there are several simple ways that you can start driving traffic that won’t cost you a dime. Implementing a few of these, proven techniques can definitely help you get more visitors to your website and most of them won’t take you very long either.

But, in this post I am going to let you know the reason why paid traffic beats free traffic.

First of all, there are a growing number of brands, products and services that are currently embracing the cost-effectiveness of content marketing, it’s important to understand that even the most affordable marketing strategies to drive traffic require some financial investment.

If you think that free traffic is a better option than paid traffic, you may want to consider utilizing paid traffic instead if you want to improve the effectiveness of your content marketing campaigns with relative ease.

Now, you might be wondering why paid traffic is the better option compared to free traffic. Let me convince you with a couple of reasons. First of all, paid traffic allows you to easily earn highly targeted viewers. Highly targeted viewers are basically your target market and by using paid content it is easier for you to reach wider and faster compared to free traffic.

Unlike using free content marketing platforms, paid traffic sources provide vast features for you over your ad copy, banner designs and other advertisement elements, which can develop your site visitors into your highly targeted traffic.

Google Adwords, Facebook and other PPC (Pay Per Click) sources easily allows you to target your highly targeted viewers by a few different factors such as demographic, region and devices.

Up next, instead of heavily relying on broad promotions that covers all sectors or relying on organic search traffic, paid traffic campaign such as BuySellAds can be set up to easily drive highly targeted viewers to your website and content pieces.

Whereas tools such as Alexa and Compete.com allows you to choose a specific niche websites that are relevant to the content that you want to promote as well as making sure your highly targeted viewers are interested in your content. Additionally, retargeting features on Adwords, Facebook and select few programs that you can use to reduce the issue of banner blindness among internet users.

Banner blindness is essentially a phenomenon in web usage where internet users would consciously or subconsciously ignore banner images which are mainly due to broad promotions.

Content discovery platform such as Outbrain or Zemanta does content promotion for you on similar pages across the web, links will placed in the front of the target market who have recently consumed content on the same subjects.

Moreover, this platform offers feature to you to filter your traffic by device and region. This is to ensure that the paid traffic comes from visitors who are likely to convert.

When it comes to free traffic, most business owners particularly for those who own small or medium enterprises heavily rely on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to save cost on their digital marketing campaign. Business owners should understand that SEO has never been nor will it ever be considered as free traffic.

SEO takes a lot of work to maintain, with that comes at a cost where a SEO firm or a consultant is necessary to help identify the opportunities and prioritize them. Furthermore there are marketing tools that require a cost to just to drive a free traffic.

So what are the major setbacks with using free traffic?

Firstly it is time itself when using SEO. SEO generates tangible results from all of your effort in a very slow time-frame which is mainly due to the process involved where the content is indexed by the search engines. Since SEO requires a longer time to generate sufficient results, it would also take a longer time to achieve a good Return of Investment (ROI) from all your efforts.

Due to that it is an unfavourable situation especially for small businesses that requires substantial revenues in the short term, which they will use as revolving fund to maintain their continued business operations.

Similar to paid traffic platforms, SEO will still require a big investment to gain highly targeted viewers. Unless the SEO is manage on your own such as attracting back links and producing content, SEO is not a fully-fledged “free” digital marketing tool as most people would consider it.

In the end you may just end up hiring external support to build organic links and other SEO marketing activities to generate sufficient results from all of your marketing efforts. It would certainly happen if you are operating and marketing in a competitive niche target.

Being first of the top search in a Search Engine Results Page is one of most important aspect to gain substantial traffic, as most internet search users will likely not scroll past the first page and disregard the following pages.

Using SEO or any other free traffic platforms will not provide immediate or guarantee to reach the first pages of search results by just using the keywords that you are targeting with.

Comparing between Paid Traffic and Free Traffic, you could see now that there is no such thing as Free Traffic. The amount of time and investment you pour in just to get an average result is not worth at all. With that amount of resources, it is a sensible way to invest on Paid Traffic and get the best results from it.

If Paid Traffic is the way to go, you would be asking yourself what Paid sources should I be using then?

I will list down the top 5 paid traffic sources that you should try and then apply it to your online marketing efforts.

Compared to other top paid traffic sources, Google Adwords is the go to option for every business person even if it’s a small or medium business. Adwords is basically the all-rounder paid traffic solutions for both search and display advertising.

The best way to understanding a visitor’s intention to purchase your product, is through understanding what the person is searching online and Adwords is versatile on that aspect. It is still necessary to drive your visitors into visiting your site by using online marketing tactics and great contents.

Follow up platform is the Facebook ad which provides exceptional effective ways of driving targeted paid traffic.

Facebook ad allows you to target audiences that are mirrored close to your existing customer base. Essentially Facebook search for people that is similar to your customers that have purchased your product before.

Additionally Facebook provides various options to target such as demographic, geographic, contextual or even behaviour. Due to constant updates of Facebook platform, it is necessary to keep tabs with the changes occasionally through blogs and updates.

Next is Outbrain Amplify which is similar to Google Adwords and Faacebook, Amplify provides a cost-per-click bidding system, a function to test multiple headlines directed to the same content, device targeting and geographic targeting. Compared to other top platforms, Outbrain Amplify primarily works best in fostering relationships through great content to drive traffic to sites.

If you’re venturing into B2B market, Linkedln Ads could be a great paid traffic source for you to drive traffic to your site. Linkedln Ads have 3 main advertising options which are sponsored updates, display and text ads, and InMail.

Compared to other traffic platforms, Linkedln Ads allows you to target by job title and job functions.

Other targeting options are location, age, gender, skills, company by name, industry, company size, school and group. Among the top traffic sites, Linkedln Ads is priced on a cost-per-click and it is expensive with a standard starting price at $4.50.

Last but not least is Twitter Ads which provide good targeting options. Similar to Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads allows you to target by keyword, interests and followers and even tailored audience. Similar to Linkedln Ads, it is quite pricey out of the gate, unless you have significant data for viewer targeting ready.

Overall when it comes to the comparison and the differences between Paid Traffic and Free Traffic, you can see why Paid Traffic is essential if you’re looking to gain the best out of your online marketing investments.

Additionally I hope you could understand and determine which traffic platform that would ideally suit your business.

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