Your Guide To Setting Up A Solid Sales Funnel

If you want to start your own online business, learn how to sell and market your products or services AND get access to the most effective, up-to-date marketing strategies to grow your business quickly, you are in the right place.

Your Guide To Setting Up A Solid Sales Funnel

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A sales funnel is arguably the most important part of any internet marketing effort.

You can do everything else right in your internet marketing efforts and if you don’t create a really great sales funnel that actually works, your entire endeavor could collapse.

The Internet marketing business had evolved throughout years. If you are in this business long enough, you are one of those to witness the changes in the past decade. From the beginning, the Internet marketer will only offer one product to the buyers.

Moving on, today, we have a sales funnel.

Changes happen so rapidly. All things were shaped to fulfill the needs of the buyers. Thanks to the evolution of Internet that happened in the past decades, the reach has grown in an epic proportion.

With more and more audience, things have to change. The Internet business has kept up to the speed of the changes and adapted to demands.

The Sales Funnel Blueprint is the latest marketing method that novice Internet marketers do not know about. If you are not using this model in your Internet business, you are indeed leaving big opportunities to waste.

In this book, I will reveal all the secret techniques other Internet marketers use to double or even triple their revenue. By just implementing the Sales Funnel in your business, you can get immediate results without stressing out on how to market your products.

Now, let’s get down to business.

Why Sales Funnel?

As mentioned in the beginning, the evolution of Internet marketing had changed from selling only one product to the model today, which I am going to further explain throughout the book. The first reason why Internet marketers need sales funnel is because relying on only one product isn’t enough anymore.

Besides, we all want to go further than that, don’t we?

In the past few years, Internet marketers used to sell only one product with higher price and still can make money. However, the competition of the Internet business is getting tougher and tougher in recent times. Hence, hereby they had created the latest marketing model today by adding more products and structuring what is known as now as the Sales Funnel.

Most importantly, this is a proven technique that increases your revenue.

Without any additional work, traffic or effort, you can increase your revenue just like that. What you need to do is only focusing on directing traffics to your site, getting them to buy your frontend product, and the sales funnel will do the rest of the selling.

As usual, you still have to do all the normal groundwork, which consists of sending promotional emails to your subscribers, recruiting JVs and affiliates.

This time there’s just one additional element, which is the sales funnel. Set up the sales funnel in the marketplace, and let it run throughout your sales campaign. The best part is that you can make it run automatically.

Just one small difference from past method, though: It increases your revenue by double or triple almost instantly.

You can see the results within 48 hours after the implementing this technique.

The Sales Funnel Formula

After knowing why you need to implement the sales funnel in your business, it is time to understand the sales funnel concept. Here is the formula.

As you can see from the chart, the sales funnel starts with:

  1. Front-end,

  2. Upsell 1,

  3. Downsell,

  4. Upsell 2,

  5. Upsell 3, and

  6. Backend.

It’s actually a lot more intricate than that, but we’ll get to that as we unfurl each topic one-by-one.

You will hear a lot of the terms in Sales Funnel so let me introduce the terms before we get into it one-by-one in the latter chapters. First of all, the frontline product is called a front-end product. Front-end products can be said the utmost important product among the others.

Even though the selling price is lower than the others, but without opening the ‘buying loop’ through the front-end product, the whole sales funnel will not work. It’s like a portal into the dimension that is the sales funnel.

Moving on to the next element, which is the Upsell. If you notice in the chart above, the Upsell happens 3 times in the whole sales funnel. If front-end serves as the opening of the buying loop, then the Upsells are the main sources of your revenue.

Upsell is an immediate offer after your front-end product or a product that solves a forecasted problem for the buyers. The solution for a forecasted problem usually placed in either Upsell 2 or Upsell 3, because the price gets higher as we go through each tier.

The price, from Upsell 1 to Upsell 3, is lowest to highest. The price of your front-end decides the prices for the other products in the sales funnel. This will be explained later.

And then, the element after the Upsell 1 is called the down-sell. Down-sell is the lower price version of Upsell 1. It happens right after the Upsell 1. The down-sell is basically the same product with the price reduced.

Some of the buyers may think that Upsell 1 doesn’t worth the price. Hence, this is how down-sell was established.

The final product in the chain is a Backend. Usually Backend offer happens after a few days with the follow up emails. A Backend can be in the format of webinar, coaching, group coaching, and many more. Usually the Backend product is the product with the highest price among the other elements in the sales funnel.

As mentioned, a Backend offer happens after a few days in your follow up emails to the buyers. Why? Because you’ll need a few days to build up your credibility through the other products they had bought from you and your follow up emails. Gain their trust before you offer them the Backend, this is the key to close down a Backend offer sale.

In this book, I am going to lead you through the steps on setting up your own sales funnel. I can guarantee you the instant result of increasing in your revenue within 48 hours just by adding in the sales funnel.

How to Create an Irresistible Front-End Offer

As you already know that the front-end product will be your frontline product. It is important to make your front-end irresistible. The front-end offer has the most important role among the others in the sales funnel, because it is going to get people in and get the ball to roll in the sales funnel.

Without an irresistible front-end offer that opens the loop, no matter how great your Upsell offer is, or how great your Backend offer is, people is not going to see it. So, it is really important to make sure they get your front-end offer.

You’ll learn some key concepts of front-end product along the way, but having the irresistible front-end offer is the cornerstone of a successful online business. When the front-end offer makes the first sales, you can make multiple sales by putting them through the sales funnel.

Your front-end product is your first product that you are going to show to the subscribers. It is basically presenting the first impression of your sales funnel to the people that click in to your sales page. This is why an irresistible front-end product is so important to keep things rolling.

While a bad front-end could ruin the whole funnel, a great front-end could attract your subscribers to buy throughout your sales funnel.

A front-end product is usually sold in a lower price. Its main purpose is to attract the subscribers to click on the “Buy” button.

Indeed, a product launch is really intense. While the launch is happening, you must be there standby to make changes. Most of the time, price issues would be one of the common factors that causes a low selling rate.

Hence, I strongly recommend you to keep on tracking the price of your front-end product in the launching of your products in your sales funnel. It is a time-tested price range for the front-end, from the lowest of $9.97 to $37 and so on. However, there is no hard and fast rules here, you can always tweak the price accordingly.

Now, you may be thinking that quoting your front-end product in low price couldn’t generate huge revenue even with a thousand or more sales.

With 100% commission given out to the affiliate, where does the profit come from?

But, do not worry about this. The real money doesn’t come from your front-end. It comes from your Upsells and Backend.

Hope you now understand the whole concept of the sales funnel. The front-end usually cannot bring you any profit, because you will offer your affiliate a 100% commission. The front-end serves only as the opening of the buying loop. This is why you need the sales funnel.

Criteria of Front-End

To create a front-end offer that is irresistible, you must first make it a product that has mass appeal that could generate huge amount of sales. Before you decide on what kind of topic you are going to use for your front-end, do some marketing research. First, understand what kind of market you are going to cover, and then research on the customers in the niche.

The research is crucial, because in different kinds of niche, you’ll meet different kind of customers with different mindsets. If you could first put yourself in your ideal customers’ shoes, attracting traffics to your site and generating big sales isn’t too far from you.

First of all, target a larger market like Internet marketing niche, or personal development niche. Both these markets could be potentially big for you to generate sales. Identify the market, and the front-end product that you can sell to them. When you are able to target them, your front-end offer is going to make massive sales.

The second criterion of a front-end product is, obviously, an evergreen topic.

The evergreen topic means the topic that will attract more people buy, and it last for a very long time. People will still need the product regardless what kind of business they are in.

For instance, in the Internet marketing niche, lead generation methods would be an evergreen topic. Regardless of what kind of Internet businesses that they are in, they will definitely need to get visitors and subscribers to their website. This is a topic that will not grow old, especially for email marketing.

A product vendor will need it, and so does an affiliate, as long as it involves email marketing, they will need your product to grow their list.

For this session, to decide what kind of topics are the evergreen topics, you’ll need to study on your ideal customers as well. Do not hesitate to invest your time to conduct this kind of research on your customers’ preferences, because this will definitely help in your sales funnel, both short-term and, most importantly, long-term. I will not teach you much on how to conduct the research in this book, because it is another topic altogether that will bring us astray from the sales funnel.

The third criterion of a front-end offer is a topic that can solve an immediate or urgent problem. Think about it, why do people want to buy your product?

It is all because they need a quick solution to solve their problem. If your product can solve their problem immediately, they are what people will look for.

When you are offering the solution for their problems, you are in fact implementing the skill to use emotional enhancers in your products.

The emotional enhancers included:








Of course, there are many more to be listed down. The listed ones here are the most effective emotional enhancers that you could make use of. When you are brainstorming for the next idea, always remember how to apply these in your product.

What you can do before you fix the topic for your front-end is to ask yourself few questions:

  • How can I enhance this product and make it irresistible?

  • How can I push the emotional buttons that everyone has?

  • How do the emotional enhancers apply to this product?

Bear in mind that you may mix and match the emotional enhancers. It is not necessary to put only one each time. To make your work simpler, I already prepared a checklist for you. When you are brainstorming ideas for your product, follow the checklist. Write down every single idea that pops up in your mind and discard them only after a long and thorough consideration.

Format of Front-End

Your front-end product can be in many forms, such as e-book, videos with a compilation of transcripts, graphics, and many more. If you are familiar with the marketplace for digital products, these are the 3 common formats that being used for years. As I already mentioned earlier, understanding your target market is really important.

The more you understand about your target market, the more you are familiar with their preference. For instance, for the Internet marketing niche, people there in the market couldn’t afford to spend too much time reading.

The ever-changing environment and platforms in the Internet marketing niche doesn’t allow them to spare their time.

Hence, most of them prefer to have videos and transcripts instead of a book. Once again, this is not a ‘must’ rule to follow, you can offer e-book as your front-end as well.

Writing an e-book brings more advantages to you compared to publishing a physical book. It saves you from the tiring logistic work to publish the book, as well as saving you some budget to be used in other important tasks.(Not to mention, the trees will love you for it!) All you need to do is just write the content, upload the file. That is just it. You can see how convenient it is to write an e-book.

However, here’s a tip for you. After some time of publishing e-books, you can repurpose the e-book by turning it into a physical book and sell it with a higher price. You may have to go through all the labor that you are spared from by doing an e-book instead. But, consider the e-book platform as the stepping-stone. We choose it because it’s easier and we can ease in into publishing physical books later on.

You can compile the related e-books of yours that you’ve created it long time ago, tweak a bit of the content, and resell it with a higher price.

Only drawback is that you have to complete the logistic works, print it out and send it to the customers’ doorstep. Nevertheless, it’s worth your time to be invested to do this. A physical book that is delivered to the doorsteps of your house is more exclusive than the e-book that you can download anytime in the marketplace.

Some of the serious buyers may want to have a hard copy of your product, because it is easier and more accessible (in some ways). You can do this once in a while, to test out the conversion rate of selling a physical book as well. If selling physical book does work, you can consider offering it as one of your Upsells.

Other than in a book format, you can make it in the form of video training course with the compilation of transcripts. This can be said the most common format in the marketplace nowadays. As I already mentioned earlier, while some of the people can study and learn better through reading, some people learn better with watching and listening.

In addition, to be frank, people who love to read are getting lesser in recent years. Part of the reason is because of the busy daily schedule due to their work, as well. Not many people can squeeze extra time to read a 100-page book, instead, they wouldn’t mind to listen.

This is one of the many reasons why audiobooks are ‘in’ nowadays.People just don’t have the time anymore or perhaps, they’re getting more and more impatient, hence, the short attention span.

If you can make 100 pages’ worth of content into a 20 to 30 minutes course, why not?

They can at least listen to the content of the training course, and if they miss out anything, they can refer to the transcript.

However, e-book can be sometimes sold hand-in-hand with the videos and transcripts. You can offer both at the same time and put your price slightly higher. If you worry about the price being too high selling both at the same time, repurpose the e-book and make it a free report for your subscribers.

Take note about this, a free report is usually a shorter version and a more general version of the actual e-book. For instance, if your e-book is about generating traffic through different methods, you can retitle the free report to “How To Get Instant Traffic Through Buying Solo Ad”. You are giving the first method as a teaser for them to understand about traffic generation.

If they are serious about their business, they will buy your front-end to learn more about it. These are the ideal customers you should target on, instead of getting only names for your ‘subscribers list’, you can increase your ‘buyers list’ as well.

Graphics is another niche that is a large market. Whoever owns a website will need graphics; whoever needs to do presentation needs graphics as well. This is a potential large market that you can try on.

There are few front-end products that you can start with:

  • PowerPoint or Keynotes template,

  • Infographics,

  • Mascot creator

The list can go on and on, but these are a few common graphic front-end that you could found in the marketplace.

Methods to Get Front-End

So, here’s how you can get your front-end product done. There are two ways you can get the front-end product:

  • Create it by yourself, and

  • Repurpose PLR products.

The front-end product can be in 3 formats as you already know that by now, but no worries, I will lead you step-by-step on how to create an irresistible front-end product in all 3 formats.

Method #1: Create it yourself

E-book: First step, brainstorm on ideas. I hope that you already know how important it is to pick the right topic for your front-end product by now, because if the front-end couldn’t make the first sale and open the buying loop, the whole sales funnel will be futile.

A great front-end offer gets people in and gets things rolling. Hence, brainstorming ideas for your front-end product is vital. You need to understand what your intention is to create the product. For newbies, once you’ve decided on which market to target on, go and make connections with the people that already in the market.

When you are doing this, firstly, you are expanding your connection to the potentials Joint Venture partners that you can work with in the future.

Secondly, you are building up your credibility in this market. Building up credibility within the market is important, both towards the Internet marketers and the visitors.

When you have built up certain credentials among the Internet marketers, people will gladly help you to promote your products. Also, when you have your credibility built among the visitors, your products will have better sales.

Improving your credibility is improving your brand. You don’t need to be a scientist to know how important branding is. Branding plays a big role in sales and in some instances, the branding does the selling, not the product quality.

This is why building up your connection is so important as well.

Another purpose of building up connections is for you to understand more about what kind of topics the other Internet marketers usually use. This will definitely help you in your brainstorming session.

As for those who are already in the business for long enough, brainstorming on ideas wouldn’t that hard for you anymore, surely. However, you must always be innovative.

Understand the needs of your subscribers, and create a product that fulfills their needs. This is not an easy task, but to survive in this ever-changing business, you must always be innovative. It’s a ‘sink or swim’ industry.

Now, back to the topic. Once you’ve decided on what topic you are going to use for your front-end, you need to ask yourself a question: “How are you going to teach them?” This is the next problem to solve.

  • Is it going to be from your own experience?

  • Is it going to be from what you’ve learned by doing research?

If both ways are not applicable, revise and think through it once again until you get something that works.

Collect only necessary materials for your content. Remember to focus on what you are going to teach only. Most of the people tend to forget about the first intention of creating the product. Hence, the information of the product isn’t in-depth. If you follow the tips I’ve mentioned just now, you may have some idea on where to get the materials for your content by now.

It is either you write everything from scratch based on your own experience and knowledge, or do your research online.

Most important step before you start writing is to draft your content. You can first start without a sequence. The sequence of the chapters can always change afterwards. List down the chapters one-by-one, and then, put them in order to have the general overview of your e-book.

Next step, outline the sub-points that you are going to write under each chapter. Drafting out the chapters will ensure the flow of the whole content is smooth.

Then, you can start writing the content. Writing an e-book isn’t as easy as you think. It will take more time to complete compared to creating the video training courses. You would need a proper structure, planning, and a lot of revision. It will take a very long time.

Sometimes, you may be experiencing writer’s block in the midst of writing, but don’t force yourself to keep writing.Take a short break, read an article that is unrelated to what you are writing, take a short nap, drink a cup of coffee. Refresh your mind and then continue your work.

The final step is optional. This is a step especially for newbies in the business.

Get some feedbacks from others and then revise your product based on the feedbacks. If you are already familiar with the business, you may not want to skip this step. You can never produce something that is 100% perfect, so feedbacks from others are still valuable.

For newbies, if you are still not sure about what you’ve done is right or wrong, I strongly recommend you to get some PLR products as references to your product.

Videos + Transcripts: The steps to create video course training and transcripts are more or less the same as creating an e-book. Same deal, first to brainstorm on the ideas, collect materials for the content, and then draft your content.

The first 3 steps are really important as this will affect whether your front-end offer can generate massive sales or not. And then, it is slightly different in creating content for the book and videos.

The first step in creating the video is to create presentation slides with PowerPoint or Keynote for each module. There’s certain way in creating the presentation slides as well.

First, change your slide’s layout to the ratio of 16:9. The presentation slides used to in the layout of 4:3, which is squarer in form. Most of the computer screens nowadays are in widescreen so when you set it to 16:9 ratio, the slides will look better when they show the video on full screen.

If you are still using the layout of 4:3, the sides of the screen will be empty when they are showing the video on full screen in the widescreen computer.

So, always change the layout to 16:9 before you start writing your points.

Besides, it’ll look more cinematic.

And then, do not fill 100% of your slides with words. The maximum you can go for is 80%, because people’s attention span if there are too many words in the slides. In addition, the words will be overlap with the control panel of the players at the bottom of your slides.

The last criterion that you need to remember is putting only the important points in the slides, while the other explanations will be presented in your transcripts. It is totally fine to have maybe just 2 or 3 points in a slide, you can elaborate or explain in details by adding it to your transcript and let them listen to it instead.

These are the things that you need to be cautious when you are creating the presentation slides. After creating the presentation slides, the next thing you need to do is to write a transcript for each module.

The transcript has mainly 2 purposes: (1) to pass to the voice over actor to speak, and (2) compile together with the video training course.

When you have these 2 tasks done, after the voice actor does the recording and the video is completed, your front-end offer is good to go.

Graphics: Creating a graphic front-end offer is totally different from the last two formats that I’ve mentioned just now. First, you’ll need to hire graphic designer to design the graphics for you.

Same thing, you’ll need to brainstorm on ideas as well. Whether to create presentation slides, infographics, mascots or a higher end product like graphic software. You can skip the steps to collect materials for content and draft your content, except for infographic products.

When you are handling an infographic product, content for the product is still needed. So, you will need a content writer to work along with the graphic designer to make the infographics.

Method #2: Buy PLR Products

This is the fastest and easiest way to create your front-end. With this method, you can even create a few front-end ahead and line up the launches for months. Indeed, this technique is a huge time saver that it frees you up so that you can attend to other important businesses.

Regardless you are writing an e-book or video training course, what you need to do is gather a few PLR products in the same topic and rewrite it. The best feature of PLR product is that you are allowed to resell the products without any copyright issue.

How to Make Your Offer Irresistible?

I am going to tell you one last thing that you can make your front-end offer that people would do whatever it takes to get. The only answer is to offer bonuses with your front-end.

I want you to imagine that you are the customer now. There are two offers to you, same offer of lead generation video course with the same price, but one with bonuses and another one without, which one would you choose?

Obviously, you’d choose the first one with bonuses, right? You can make them in the form of checklist, mind map, or guidebook. And compile it together in your front-end offer sales page.

How to Create a High Converting Upsell

Moving on to the next element in the sales funnel – Upsell. Upsell offer happens right after the front-end offer. Hence, Upsell relates closely to the front-end. If you remember, I’ve mentioned that Upsells are your main source of revenue. That is why you must have a high converting Upsell that will bring you large amount of revenue.

Upsell could be the core of the whole sales funnel. Take note of everything that is important. You’ll love it if you can master the skill to create a high converting Upsell. This would be the best part of the sales funnel.

You do not have to wait for the revenue to come in down the road. It comes almost immediately with the implementation of Upsell in your sales funnel.

Upsell is an immediate offer to the buyers once they’ve completed their purchase from your front-end offer. Of course, if they didn’t buy your front-end product, they will not buy the Upsell as well.

The price of an Upsell must be higher than the front-end product. This is one of the criteria for an Upsell. It is usually twice the minimum price of the front-end. I am going to tell you more about the criteria to create an Upsell later in this chapter.

So, what makes an Upsell worth a higher price than your front-end? It is because an Upsell is an upgraded version of the front-end. When you are writing your sales copy for your Upsell, write it in a way where you are offering them an immediate solution or an in-depth course to enhance the front-end product.

Why you will need Upsells in your sales funnel? The answer from most of the Internet marketers would be because it brings instant revenue to the business. In the past days, the Internet marketer relied only on front-end sales.

However, in the sales funnel concept, your front-end offer will not go to you, the product vendor,a single cent. You’ll give 100% commissions to the affiliates that promote your front-end.

Now that you may be wondering, if you were to give away 100% commissions to your affiliate, where are you going to gain profit from? The answer is from the Upsell. Your Upsell can probably bring in 30% to 50% of the revenue. From this, you could see that Upsell is actually the main part of the whole revenue.

Apart from this, Upsells increase the satisfaction of your buyers. Let me ask you this: Did you ever experience that after you’ve bought the first product, and you find that the product works but you can’t find the next product from the same vendor anymore?

Serious buyers will want to buy the Upsells to study and understand more about the topic.

The same scenario happens in your business as well, if you are offering the Upsells to the subscribers, serious buyers are actually looking forward to more products from you. Hence, your Upsells are actually for the benefits of your buyers as well.

One more thing about the Upsells – incompleteness. This is one of the buyers’ mindset, the selling versus the consumption. Marketing is all about incompleteness, but your product is all about completeness.

When they start the buying loop by purchasing the front-end product from you, they are already giving you the opportunity to push them further to buy something. When they are still in the buying mode, they’re in that incomplete mode and now your Upsell offers serve as the product to make them feel complete.

This is all because of the concept of content-focused and sales-focused; the product focuses on the content, while the marketing focuses on doing the sales. The Upsell is the combination of both.

The sales funnel works because we understand the buyers’ mindset and created this funnel. First thing about the buyers’ mindset is the incompleteness.

Moving on, it is the buying trance of the buyers that contribute to the creation of sales funnel.

While the front-end product plays the role to start the loop of the buying trance, Upsells, down-sell, and the Backend must be there to complete the loop. People have made the first commitment with you when they make the first purchase, so now they are going to follow through with the sales funnel.

Same mindset when you are going to do your daily groceries shopping. You go with your own shopping list on hand. However, sometimes when the buying trance started, you’ll end up buying things that are not in the list. I believe every one has experienced this.

Moreover, the impulse purchase mindset in the buyers contributes too!

Sometimes, they just do not intend to buy this, but at the end of the day they’d still buy it. This is all because of marketing.

The concept is the same theory that the shops will place some goods in front of their cashier, you’ll be attracted to the goods in front of the cashier while you are lining up for the payment.

Upsells have the same function as this. While the buyers are waiting to download the front-end product, you offer them the Upsells. While the buyers already have something to buy, you strike while the iron is still hot.

Mistakes of an Upsell

Despite the large amount of revenue that Upsells can bring to your business, some of the Internet marketers can make mistakes to an Upsell, because they do not know the right way to present an Upsell. Hence, leaving big opportunities behind.

Mistake #1: Convert at lower percentage

The first mistake is that they do not focus on the sales copy of their Upsell offer, causing a low converting percentage in their Upsell. Usually what they don’t take as an advantage is the use of scripted video. Some use only boring and short ad copy. The conversion rate can be increased by just the use of scripted video or live video.

You need to know that your Upsell video is just as important as your front-end sales letter, they are equally important to get people to continue the buying trance. The only difference between the sales copy of front-end and Upsell is Upsell video script can be shorter than the front-end sales letter.

Remember that your Upsell is an immediate offer to the buyers to upgrade or enhance the front-end. So, basically an Upsell related closely to the front-end. The buyers should have known and understand what the front-end is all about when they land on the Upsell sales video page. Your sales video can be just as short as 4-5 minutes, to tell them the importance of having the Upsell.

So, what you are going to write in your Upsell sales copy is a short powerful message that recaps the messages in your video. They hear it in the video and it gets them excited and now they have something to read about the product you’ve mentioned in the video.

The short video gives them more reason to purchase the product. The presence of a video itself is already enough to enhance the chances of making sales because the buyers would hear your pitch while reading it and the video will make your page more bona fide.

Nonetheless, some of the Internet marketers did not pay much attention on creating a high-converting sales copy.

Mistake #2: Mistreat Upsell as a lower priced add-ons

The second mistake is that they mistreat Upsell as a lower priced add-on. We look at the example of lead generation course:

Front-end product is the video course training with the price of $9.97. While the Upsell is the checklist and mind map as add-ons to the front-end priced at $5.

This is a wrong example of an Upsell. The Upsell should be something that is worth twice the front-end offer. The incremental value of the Upsell in the example may be bringing in a small increase in your revenue, but the value is not big enough to compete with the other competitors in the market.

You must think in terms of how to generate larger amount of revenue, and eventually increase your profit.

Criteria of Upsell

I’ve created a list of criteria for an Upsell. Follow the list to avoid making the mistakes. The first criterion of an Upsell is to put the price tag at least twice the minimum price of the front-end. You should’ve known this by now. The value of an Upsell goes higher instead of lower.

This is so important that you must be realized that I’ve mentioned this several times, because your main revenue generator is the Upsells. Now that you’ve put the price of your Upsell twice the worth of your front-end, you must create a product that worth the price.

This will be the first criterion you must think through when you are getting ideas for your Upsell. When the price is higher, people would expect higher value from this product. So, remember to ensure the value of the Upsell is equal or higher than the price they’ve paid.

Moving on, your Upsell must be congruent with your front-end. For example, if your front-end is lead generation, your Upsell must be something related, such as a done-for-you follow-up emails pack. The Upsell in this case is congruent, because people who own a list definitely will need to send follow-up emails to their subscribers.

The Upsell must be something that makes sense to the buyers. If you were the buyer, imagine that after purchasing a lead generation video training course, and then you are being offered with a graphics pack. Isn’t that odd? Would someone who’s interested in a lead generation course be interested in making graphics?

One last thing on Upsell criteria is the One-Time Offer technique. The Upsell 1 is always a one-time offer to the buyers, meaning if they do not grab this now, and the offer will not happen another time. This is a technique where you’ll create the sense of urgency.It creates a thought that if they don’t grab the chance today, they’ll miss it forever.

When you are setting up your sales funnel, you must always put yourself in the shoes of buyers. Think like how they would think.

Small tip: Offer your Upsell with value-enhancing bonuses (VEB) in short. You need to understand the mindset of a buyer, the price distortion where you build up the price by adding bonuses. In addition, with the One-Time Offer technique, you are making this other irresistible offer.

Format of Upsell

The format of Upsell is basically more or less the same as the format for front-end. Your Upsell product can be in the form of video training courses and transcripts because it is an upgraded version of the front-end. In this case, your Upsell will serve as an enhancement course to the buyers.

Make sure what you offer for the Upsell do enhance and complements the front-end, because they will know whether the Upsell worth the price or not right away.

Same as front-end, apart from being just video training course and transcripts, your Upsell can be in the e-book format as well. Createing an e-book enables you to talk further in-depth on topics that are related to your front-end. For example, for lead generation, you can offer an in-depth course that explains how Search Engine Optimization works.

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is something that every Internet marketer would like to learn. It’s valuable, congruent with the front-end, and very popular.

One thing different from front-end is you can offer a software system in Upsell. Creating a software program takes a longer time than the other two formats. First thing you need is a professional programmer to create the software’s coding for you.

Because it’s a difficult format to produce, it’s really an optional thing. You don’t have to go well out of your way to create a software program.

There are many other formats that you can offer as your Upsell, such as a membership site access, or you can even promote other people’s product and put it as your Upsell.

You can put the membership site access in your Upsell 2 or 3. If you are able to maintain the membership site, you are in fact making some passive and recurring income to your bank account every month.

For your membership site, you’ll need to upload contents to the site every month in order to keep the membership site running. They will expect something new to learn every month. A small reminder here, send the reminder follow up emails about the new training video is up every month to your members.

You may not have your own product that you can offer as Upsell right now.

So, instead of scratching your head and do not know what to offer to your buyers, you can go out to the marketplace and find somebody else’s high-end product that you can go the rest of the Upsell process.

Methods to Get Upsell

There are two methods to get your Upsell done, same deal as the front-end, which are: (1) Create it yourself, and (2) buy PLR products. I hope that you still remember the methods I’ve taught in the chapter about front-end, but let’s revise a bit on the method.

The first way is to create the Upsell by yourself, regardless it is based on your own experience, research online, or gather PLR products and rewrite the content. Start with brainstorming ideas for your Upsell, take note that the ideas must be congruent to the front-end.

And then, draft the outline. Put everything in order before you start writing, especially those practical tasks that need you to lead them step-by-step. Keep things as simple as possible that even a beginner can understand. Once you’re done with the outline, you can start writing the Upsell.

One thing you need to take note on creating the Upsell is the content must be more solid than the front-end. Make it clear that the front-end course is going to give the buyers only the key concept of what the whole business should be like. However, if the buyers want to go into detail, they must then buy the upgrade version of the front-end.

This will be the main direction for you if you are going to brainstorm on what you are going to offer as well. But, there is a drawback here with Upsell.

Some of the buyers would think that if your front-end product is good enough, why would they need to buy the Upsell?

In this case, you must make it clear that what they buy from the front-end is totally okay but if they’re really serious about the business, that they wanted to expand their business empire, they would want a more in-depth course than the front-end.

Second way is to buy PLR products. There are plenty of PLR products available in the marketplace that you can repackage and use it as the Upsell product that you’ve created. There are 2 ways you can utilize the PLR products you’ve bought:

  • Gather information from a few PLR products, add some of your own stories into it.

  • Rewrite one PLR product.

For the first way, by adding in some of your own stories could be an advantage if you are to build up your credibility through the Upsells.

How to Create a Down-Sell and Save 10% More Sales

In this chapter, I am going to teach you how to create a down-sell, which is the third element in the sales funnel. Do not underestimate the power of a down-sell because you do it the right way, it makes a huge difference to your revenue.

In the previous paragraph, I’ve mentioned about how important it is to understand your ideal customers and their mindset. When you start to get what they are thinking, you can offer exactly what they want and value, hence, bringing you more profit.

This is another technique where it may save you another 10% more sales that increases your revenue by understanding with the buyers’ mindset. A down-sell increases your revenue by giving a special promotion offer to the customers, which I am going to explain more in the chapter later.

So, first thing to know is what a down-sell is. As you already know, Upsell offers happen right after the front-end offer. Let us revise a bit on Upsell, because Upsell goes hand-in-hand with down-sell.

If you still remember the last chapter, I’ve taught you that in your Upsell offer to always offer another in-depth course that enhances the front-end product.

Most importantly, do not forget to offer it with a bunch of bonuses. When you lead your subscribers to the down-sell page, your subscribers will see a sales page that is almost the same as your Upsell sales page.

Do you remember what to do with the sales copy of your Upsell? First, start with a 4-5 minute sales video. To create the sales video, you’ll write your own sales script. Following with a short recap of the sales video, and lastly with a bunch of value-enhancing bonuses (VEB).

This is what your Upsell sales copy should be like as well as your down-sell sales letter. The angle of the story you are going to use is the same, which is to change the headline and remove the bonuses, and this is how your down-sell sales copy should be like. I’ll tell you the reason to remove the bonuses later.

You’ll ask them to wait and before they are going to the next page, you want to offer them the Upsell offer without bonuses with a lower price. And this is why you need to remove the bonuses. Take note of one thing here, even though this element is called a down-sell, but the price should be still slightly higher than the front-end. But, of course, lower than the Upsell 1.

I’ve mentioned about the buyers’ mindset just now in the beginning of this chapter. Here’s a list of buyers’ mindset on Upsell that eventually leads them to click the buy button of a down-sell instead.

  • The Upsell is not worth my money.”

  • I do not need these bonuses offered.”

When you understand the buyers’ mindset, you’ll understand the concept of the whole sales funnel.

This is in fact a time consuming task and it requires some research on your buyers’ behavior, but it is worth your time to be invested in the research. This would be a huge advantage especially for Internet marketers to know how to sell to the subscribers.


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